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We sought to reach out and touch the stars,
Foolish enough to try and reach the heavens themselves,
To become masters of all in creation.
Who was to tell us that our ideals were flawed,
And that in our plight we would forget the beauty of our own world.

Who was to predict that our sun would one day rise for the last time?
Who was to tell that the reaction of four protons or hydrogen nuclei fused together to form one helium nucleus that brought us light and warmth,
Would produce a massive ionized eruption on the sun's surface,
That would consume our civilization in a corona of hellish, perennially radioactive fire.

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harata avatar harata


Mar 17, 2011

eh? I didn't mean to compare oAo I'm sorry if I made you feel that >< I meant that my bro prefer cats too..

haha~ :3 purr~ *kitty kitty kitty*

whoa OAO 2 meters plushie! that's huge!

harata avatar harata


Mar 16, 2011

You spelled it correctly don't worry.. Ah for cats, if we can't put them in our rooms, get a plushie :p I collect syberian white tiger plushies.. Dunno why but I love them :) You're just like my bro, he loves cats very much xD

harata avatar harata


Mar 16, 2011

wha wha wha? I just got my puppy just around a couple of months ago too owo (but she still is has her childish personality), and wow kittens /.w.)/


P.S. arctic dogs are the best :p (mine is a samoyed, that breed has a close genetic relation to husky xD)

harata avatar harata


Mar 16, 2011

yeah lol I can't really do console gaming lately since I got a puppy in my house now.. And she always insisted to grab any of my console sticks ^^;



harata avatar harata


Mar 16, 2011

ahaha I see.. I'm also more into gaming to anime but lately I'm just into visual novels xD;

and yeah, it ain't that much of difference, they both are addicting :p

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