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We sought to reach out and touch the stars,
Foolish enough to try and reach the heavens themselves,
To become masters of all in creation.
Who was to tell us that our ideals were flawed,
And that in our plight we would forget the beauty of our own world.

Who was to predict that our sun would one day rise for the last time?
Who was to tell that the reaction of four protons or hydrogen nuclei fused together to form one helium nucleus that brought us light and warmth,
Would produce a massive ionized eruption on the sun's surface,
That would consume our civilization in a corona of hellish, perennially radioactive fire.

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harata Apr 3, 2011

I like Disgaea but I can't stand the battle system ;w; I prefer the ones with more active battles xD and turn-based like those J-rpgs are fine :3

though lately the ones I played were just horrors orz (the last one was Fatal Frame 4, I want to get Siren but.. it's not good for heart :p)

relearn ALL element skills, haha... just like a new baby borns orz I'm too lazy for that.from what you said, the first one looks better since we can keep everything till the end so we can watch them getting stronger xD

ouch.. crashes. me hates crashes too :<

btw, my bro bought me Alan Wake and he said that I should play it instead of just watching ppl's gameplay -dies- *why don't he just play it at the first place instead telling me to play ;w;*

harata Apr 2, 2011

ahaha hitman.. But I can't stand watching long animes ;w; I think I'll ended up with reading it..

ah.. Age of Wonders.. which one do you play? too bad I'm too lazy with tactical RPG ;w; I never even finish one, I once forced myself to on Disgaea series (like Makai Kingdom etc) but in the end I dropped it ;w;

harata Apr 1, 2011

aah.. which anime are watching currently? ahaa.. games, since games would eat up all of my times, I ended up watching gameplay records ;w; for now I'm following Alan Wake. know it? :3

and yeah! snacks are the best friends ever :p

harata Mar 30, 2011

oAo... *falls* hey, what's up? xD

harata Mar 19, 2011

btw, added you as friend :3