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I like anime, sports, sleep, ch. 58, 57, 54, 55, 35, 36,42, & 71, music, reading, sex, and probably sex with your mom, fiance, sister, daughter, or whatever the fuck after I check their ID.

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Ze Beav, Oregon

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June 30, 2008

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June 28, 2014

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KiraRin avatar KiraRin


Jan 9, 2011


I'm actually quite enjoying Iron Man after only the first episode, even if it has diverged from the movies a little (I haven't geeked out enough to read the comics yet :P ). Apparently, it picks up even more in episode 2, so looking forward to that.

I also seem to be one of the few enjoying Shikibane Hime, but I have heard the ending leaves a lot to be desired! I'll reserve judgement for myself though...

Have to say, love your profile and avatar too XD



Killerkittenish avatar Killerkittenish


Sep 13, 2010

Do you have any idea where I could download Get Backers?

Killerkittenish avatar Killerkittenish


Sep 7, 2010

As everyone else has said, your profile picture is epic. Best one I've ever seen.

Kabez avatar Kabez


May 27, 2009

Well, she was my old roommate and we don't talk anymore but I'm sure there are other ways I could dig up that picture. I know the person who took it. He used it for my boyfriend's fraternity's rush poster. Actually, I'm not sure if they ever used it, but that was the original plan.

Anyway, the point is, I personally do not have a copy of the picture, sorry. :-P

Kabez avatar Kabez

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 21, 2009

Your avatar is pretty wicked too.

My old roommate did that with a PS2

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