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Retards101 Aug 27, 2016

That is complete utter bullshit. "every normal man would do this." Jesus christ. What kind of depraved world do you live in where doing that is "normal"? damn. I must be living on Mars.

SixShooter Oct 7, 2014

I guess we will have to agree to disagree on rating external factors, but reviews are opinions so I'll give you that. Plenty of people give every show they like 10/10 as well and you aren't over the top with your criticisms. That being said, I think the characters weren't good, but they were definitely not a 1. That is even with the stuff you pointed out. In my opinion, in order to get a 1 they would have to rapidly deteriorate (think 11eyes). They don't change, but they don't really deteriorate much either. I think AoT is slightly above average, maybe a 5.5 or a 6. It has short-comings, but it is also relatively unique which, again in my opinion, should deserve some points. Just something for you to think about anyway. My other points will have to be made when I post my review (which will be soon).

SixShooter Oct 4, 2014

Since it won't let me leave a comment on your review, I will put it here. This is in response to your Attack on Titan review:

Overrated =/= bad. The purpose of a review is to say how good a series is, not to spout off about how well it matches up with fan perception/hype. If you honestly watched Attack on Titan without previous bias or a hipster mindset then you would not be giving it a rating this low or feel a need to mention hype at all. This pretentious nonsense is why video game sales don't match up with critical reviews. There is a similar trend in anime. Reviews are meant to inform the uninformed about the actual value of a show. I seriously doubt AoT is a 4/10 on that scale. There are far, far worse animes out there.