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If You Hate "Aku no Hana" ...

28 JUN

You must have the worst standards ever when it comes to anime. Maybe you're still stuck in your ideal world of kawaii girls with big eyes that are sensetive and nice to everyone around them. Don't expect Aku no Hana to be anything like that. Aku no Hana is a realistic story of a loner boy, a badmouthed girl, and a naiive girl.

 (The following rant if brought to you by a 19 year old engineer-in-training that is caught up with the Aku no Hana manga and is caught up with the anime)

The Animation Style Sucks. It's So Half-Assed.

Lemme ask you something. Have you watched "Kaiji" or "Fist of the North Star"? Do you realize that the people in those anime are some of the ugliest people ever? Yet those are still proclaimed as great shows.

What I'm trying to get at is that Aku no Hana's animation style wasn't because of budgets or lazy animators. They did that on purpose. The background is supposed to appear washed out and bland. The characters are supposed to have a very generic and dark demeanor to them. When they talk, it's supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. The basis of Aku no Hana is that the world is a shitty place and everything around is shitty. The choice to rotoscope live footage was because it's a real life drama that could happen to anyone. They could have made the show live footage, but it would lose the show's meaning.

The Main Character Is An Emo Little Girl Who Bitches About Everything.

How were you back then? Wait, lemme rephrase that. How were you in middle school? If you're in high school or in college now think back to when you were in middle school. Did you not have some sort of introspection on the world, trying to analyze what kind of place you lived in? Lemme also say this: did you not have a tendency to take things out of proportion? The smallest event in real life could cause a person to have radical thoughts and think dark feelings. This was the lives of many middle schoolers at this point in their life. Takao Kasuga is no differnent from them. He is just a kid who looks at life a bit differently than others and when he's interacting with other kids, especially his crush, of course he's going to have these over-exaggerative thoughts.

Just think of Kasuga as Shinji Ikari from Evangelion, without the giants mechs or the world ending. Kasuga is a 15 year old boy stuck in his dark world when suddenly gets twisted into a girl's fucked up world. How the hell would you react? Of course you'd be scared and confused. He's about as realistic as any other character I've seen in an anime. We, the viewers, understand completely how he feels and what he's going through.

The Pacing Of The Show Is Ridiculously Slow.

The genre of this anime is drama. How do you make something dramatic? One way is to prolong a scene. Have no music in the background so you're purely focused on the dialouge happenning. Have the only sounds be the rain pouring or cars passing by. How do you transfer the feelings of a middle school boy in the middle of a crisis? You go into his mind and see how he understands and confronts the situation. How do you get a long lasting impression of a scene that's meant to make the viewer think? You stay on that scene, having the camera pan on character's faces to get their emotions and maybe on the background to see how the environment suits the situation.

Why does an anime have to be face paced? Are you that used to a plot twist every five minutes that you can't sit down and analyze simple dialouge between two people? Do you need someone to be shot or hospitalized to get you excited? I'm not gonna lie, Aku no Hana is about as slow paced as anime will ever get. But if you really can't stand 10 minutes of seemingly nothing happening then you should probably stick to your shounen action anime.

That's all I wanted to say. 

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    ShionSonozaki avatar ShionSonozaki
    Oct 4, 2013

    Dude, calm down. If you love the show and you feel people are being shallow while dimissing it, fair enough. But don't proclaim that those who don't like it are idiots with no standards. People have different tastes and opinions and I'll admit some can be more shallow than others by not giving something a chance. But if you're going to proclaim someone has no standards simply because they don't like something you like, I'd like you to reconsider who's being the real shallow one here. This isn't meant to attack you, just to make you aware. Peace out.

    Skinz987 avatar Skinz987
    Jul 21, 2013

    I agree with this blog one hundred percent. I have to admit that I was turned off initially, but I got hooked quick. I love a good dark drama and something as realistic and quite frankly as ballsy as this is something that is rare in any media form. Especially anime. Satoshi Kon had it right with his shows like Paranoia Agent, Perfect Blue and Memories. It's rare that a studio can capture that sort of vibe. Great Blog.

    dbzssjkris avatar dbzssjkris
    Jul 10, 2013

    It felt like there could have been more to it. I found the artwork lovely myself. but it just felt like it could have had more to it is all.

    InfestYourMind avatar InfestYourMind
    Jul 2, 2013

    The story may be great, and I don't doubt that. I just can't put myself through the agony of watchig the lazily animated show, and yes, they were lazy. Rotoscoping doesn't have to be THAT bad. It may help create the uncomfortable feeling, but you can do that and still have better quality. They just didn't want to take the time to work on it after rotoscoping.

    Also, the background was done by a completely different studio that actually tried, so props to them.

    You can have high quality looking anime with awesome stories. I won't even give it a chance due to the animation, but I've heard the story is a great.

    Another thing - "Fist of the North Star" aired from 1984-1987. Why are you comparing the quality to a show from almost 30 years ago? It doesn't compare.

    I've never seen "Kaiji" but a quick google and youtube search shows that the quality is not bad. The characters are a bit strange and some look like something from One Piece, but I don't feel the urge at all to gouge my eyes out when watching it.

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