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Kimi ni Todoke

Dec 27, 2012

I'm not going to talk about the actual plot, I'm not going to reveal the story for you when you could quite enjoy it yourself on your own accord. Unless you're reading this after seeing it for your own eyes then you'll know why I don't want to. I'm not going to give away the deepness of the characters you won't find anywhere else in this very dewy eyed "ends with a kiss or sad loss" genre. I'm not going to tell you that the animation is better then -insert highly rated show here- or say the soundtracks were woven by the hands of god. I'm just going to tell you why I like it and let you decide for yourself on how you feel about this anime.

Seen as how this anime is split into two seasons, I'm going to talk about the difference between the two. The first season was 25 episodes, whereas the second was only 12 episodes. This anime is very mainly focused on the central male and female counterparts, there are a fair few supporting characters, but for a very focused romantic anime based on feelings and a lot of internal monologue, the side characters do get very nicely fleshed out along the way, based on their improving interactions with the main characters, and with each other. This character development also leads to essentially what I'd like to call background romance, other relationships developing other than between the main characters, which I really like because it's refreshing to know it won't always be focused on one situation.

I feel like the point of the entirety of the first season was to unravel the main character, allowing her to recognise her feelings, and comprehend situations she's never been in before, I'd like to say the first season is a very feel good experience, but it has it's ups and downs due to opposing forces in the form of misunderstandings and antagonistic characters. The plot revolves around the development of a character, there is no quest, or heroic cause, there's no "prize" guy she's really after. Sure, it's a romantic anime, and it plays a big part in changes you see in characters, but for me, it was much more then an anime about achieving a relationship with a singular character.

Quite frankly I would of been disappointed if there was only a season one, it's an ending which leaves a lot of questions and loose ends, the shorter second season was made to essentially remedy solutions for that. I was very pleased in how they went about doing this, it's not an over the top riding into the sunset ending. But it's great none the less.

Personally I thought the majority of the artwork to be very fitting and at times gorgeous, seen as how a lot of it is based in a school setting and classrooms and such, there's not a lot of room for elaborate art and flashy colours. But once the characters step outside, the backgrounds are lush, the sky, the nature, everything in a scene that can be made to catch your eye, does just that. Moving away from the setting, I really love the look of the characters, they've all been cleverly made to appear to go hand in hand with certain aspects of their personality. For example one of the antagonistic characters who can act to be cute, is given the apperance with curly ribbon entwined hair, to give the youthful sweet and innocent look, whereas there are personality traits of that character which seriously go against what that character is trying to show who they are.

The soundtracks for the anime are great, you'll experience the happy feel good vibes when things are going right, and melancholy soft music when things are going wrong. I won't talk much about them, because you need to experience them to fully understand what I'd like to say about them anyway. It's easy to say it sounds brilliant, fantastic, and perfect, but I'd just say they're fitting. The animes opening and ending I like in particular, it's one of those animes where I like to enjoy every single part of the episode from start to finish.

What can I say about the animation? There's no fight scenes, no elaborate movement of characters, a lot of the motion in romantic animes is subtle, and it's done well. There's a constant exchange in art styles, between seriously drawn anime typical anime anatomy, to chibi form, this people may find annoying, but I find that it adds a comedic effect to the story and makes it lot more upbeat and happy, it takes the edge off some sad situations which is nice. It also can show very simple but deep feelings of a character which can be difficult to produce on a characters face.

I'd like to mention that there's no point in giving it a rating out of ten when there's literally nothing you can compare it to. It's a breath of fresh air in a stagnant genre.


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10/10 overall
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