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I'm a Canadian christian computer nerd gamer geek guy.  Also writer, webhost and generally awesome anime-watching person.

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FringeGal Jan 12, 2012

You can find it on YouTube if you search for, 'Death Note Alternative Ending'.

FringeGal Jan 12, 2012

I prefer the alternative ending much better though, since Light gets his own way.

FringeGal Jan 12, 2012

When Light got shot, my eyes starting welling up... Even though the Anime ending wasn't quite how we wanted it, did you read the alternative ending to Death Note?

FringeGal Jan 12, 2012

So, are you a stalker as well? (O___O)

I wish Ryuk could've just killed Mello and Near... L was the only one for me, Mello and Near could never replace him.

Because of Death Note I got into a lot of intense discussions with my friends. You might beat me but from the very start I was always on Light's side, with his idea of the New World. I liked that he would pass righteous judgement on people.

FringeGal Jan 12, 2012

Damn, I shouldn't have told you, maybe I could've blended in with the people you knew. Now everybody knows that I am a stalker...

P.S High five on hating Mello.