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about me

I am a french acadian from New-Brunswick, Canada but i now live in Montreal were i work in animation as a 3d artist. I like to draw, sculpt, read, watch movies, collect figurines and books and of course lay back and watch a good old anime. I really should get out more...

I don't know if it's luck or some sort of strange mental state, but most of the anime i've watched so far, i have found amazing and inspiring. It's something i would like to share with everybody. ^__^

As for my ratings... Well, it's really subjective...

  • 1* = One point for the effort
  • 2* = Gnaa.. It was alright
  • 3*= Good :)
  • 4*= Great! :D
  • 5*= Masterpiece!!!  Mindblowing!!! So good it made my nose bleed...@__@

My portfolio.. http://verokomo.brushd.com/ 

.. and Blog..  http://verokomo.blogspot.com/

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Montreal, Canada

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SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies


Aug 5, 2011

No problem, I'm sure I'll love both Mushishi and Mononoke when I finally get around to seeing them. I've heard of people watching Mushishi before they go to sleep (kind of as a lullaby) and it'll be interesting to see if it may help me with my sleeping issues^^

I've been interested in Kuuchuu Buranko, but for some reason I have yet to see it. But it has all the A-P tags that I love, most prominently abstract, random and mindfuck. Thanks for reminding me, it goes right back at my "want to watch" list. I'm glad we could exchange recommendations!

SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies


Aug 4, 2011

Well, I can't recommend anything that surpasses FMA Brotherhood in terms of quality or entertainment value, but I have a few things I can recommend that I think you'll like^^

The Place Promised In Our Early Years: Very slow, very poetic and very sci-fi-ish. Normally I would hesitate to recommend something that develops so slowly, but you've given Serial Experiments:Lain 5 out of 5 so I doubt you have any issue watching slow stuff. This movie is truly amazing and the backgrounds are just drool-inducing.

Noein: One of those sci-fi shows that try to make themselves seem extremely intelligent but that only is slightly complicated and philosophic at times. Still, it's very entertaining and has likeable characters.

Millennium Actress: This movie has everything it needs to be amazing! Satoshi Kon, awesome characters, good animation and a tad of mindfuck!

Shiki: I'm not going to lie; Shiki is an Anime about vampires from 2010. That may not seem very fascinating, but the show really is good; it takes its time to build up its premise, and it constantly questions whether we can define which deeds are evil and which deeds are justified.

These are the Anime I can recommend, but in terms of the solemn/slow-paced/mindfuckish Anime I love, you seem to be ahead of me. I really want to see both Mushishi and Mononoke. I hope you have a good day as well! Love your avatar by the way^^

SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies

Great Profile!

Jul 29, 2011

Wow, sorry for randomly filling your profile with scribble, but your taste in Anime seems pretty awesome :O

Or at least, it seems kind of similar to mine^^

mjf314 avatar mjf314

Great Anime List!

May 7, 2011

I looked at your top anime list, and I agree, we have very similar taste.  Ouran isn't really similar to my other favorites, so I'm not sure if it's a good recommendation, but I hope you like it. :)  If you're new to shoujo, Ouran is definitely a good one to start with.

LeadZeppelin avatar LeadZeppelin

You Rock!

Feb 11, 2011

Hey sorry for the belated response!

Heh, I do not reccomend you watch the Mcog in any other language... but for the laughs its actually quite worth it! ;)


I wouldn't say that I'm really INTO anime. I just enjoy watching good shows. Most of the anime shows I watch I consider pure crap...I am quite harsh in my ratings I guess! I think I am attracted to anime because of my childhood shows which were the same as you :D and I'm quite a nostalgic person!


Thank you and I think you have a pretty intersting list yourself! =)

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