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Acchi Kocchi

30 AUG

Acchi Kocchi looked like a good anime for me to watch at first. After finishing it, ive got to say, kudos to Fumitoshi Oizaki and the AIC staff for directing such a good anime. It was certainly a good anime that sticks out to me.

 As far as story goes, this is a comedy. there isnt really much of a story here, but there is a good heck lot of comedy here, of course. The comedy in Acchi Kochhi never went dull or repititive, but always went with the scene very smoothly.

Animation. As far as animation is concerned, i am very picky of what i watch based on its animation. I mean i certainly wont be watching Dragon Ball Z Kai, but if i want to revisit all the anime i watched this would be certainly one of the first i revisit. Never was the uality of Acchi Kocchi's graphics bad, and it also flowed smoothly throughout the anime. \

Sound. The sound effects here were never dullmor were to good to take away from the comedy, but it flowed smoothly throughout the anime. Acchi Kocchi's OP and END songs were amazing as well. The voice actors did a great job as well.

Characters. It is understandable that the characters have no new, further change throughout the entire series. It focoused only on the 5 main characters though, and none of the other characters introduced here got much showtime. This though, dissapointed me for a bit.

 Overall, this iis a great comedy anime i would recommend to anyone who asked me for a good anime to watch

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User Review Scores

  • Story 10/10
  • Animation 10/10
  • Sound 10/10
  • Characters 8/10
  • Overall 9.5/10


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