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nosaint317 avatar nosaint317

Thanks! ^_^

Oct 6, 2012

Oh, I still planned on watching it, but I already gathered that about the main character. Always "I'm not good enough" this and "There's no way I can be..." that. Dude needs some friggin' self confidence and realize he's a potential bad ass and that snowblack wants him bad. lol

nosaint317 avatar nosaint317

Great Reviews!

Oct 3, 2012

Pretty much what everyone has said about the two. Lol

I had higher hopes for Accel World(still gonna watch it though). I've read what lil bit of the manga is translated, only 11 chapters or so, and it's been pretty awesome, but apparently things go a lil down hill is what a I keep hearing. While everyone agree SAO is da shit. Figured I'd ask your opinion though

nosaint317 avatar nosaint317

Great Anime List!

Oct 3, 2012

So, how was  Accel World and Sword Art Online?

Sou avatar Sou


Feb 2, 2011

lol I laughed at the old AB comments.


Took me back there.

ZeroCC avatar ZeroCC


Jul 3, 2010

Aso, ok.

Thanks :D

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