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5 Year Aniversary


Wow, has it really been 5 years since I joined this site?  It doesn't seem that long.  Even though I've been watching anime for much longer, it seems like the years just fly by these days.  It gets me thinking back to the shows that first started getting me into anime.

I remember back in the day when Cartoon Network's Toonami block ran anime.  It started off with those action-packed shounen shows like Dragonball Z and eventually I came to love Rurouni Kenshin (to this day, still my favorite show).  Then I ended up with Adult Swim shows like Cowboy Bebop and (at the time) Yu Yu Hakusho.  Eventually my tastes matured and shows like Samurai Champloo came to me.

Eventually I got sick of waiting around every week for shows to happen so I joined the online anime-watching community.  I had trouble at first finding shows to watch before I eventually stumbled upon Animebreaker.  The community there was out of this world, constantly introducing me to new shows.  At the time I was in college and had a lot of free time on my hands so I watched a lot of shows in a short amount of time.  Eventually I became an admin for the site, having made friends with the site owner when it was in its infancy.  That was the time when I really started enjoying anime.

Now, these days, I still have time between working and socializing to watch anime, but it does tend to get backed up during the week.  I'm usually watching the currently airing shows instead of catching up on older shows I haven't seen yet, but it isn't all the same.  There was a golden age of anime since I've been watching, which I'm proud to have been a part of.  Anyone from Animebreaker will remember our discussions/arguments/flame wars in the shoutbox.  I spent most of my time on the internet in that community during those years and I keep forgetting just how long ago it was.

Thanks to everyone who has gotten me addicted to anime and those from Animebreaker (if you're reading this) for showing me that an anime community doesn't just have to be full of nerds who only talk about anime.  You guys were the reason I stuck around and watched things I might not have otherwise been interested in.

May the anime be ever in our favor.


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