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Kiss x Sis TV

I got to watch this because my friend linked me, knowing I'm into ecchi animes he said I would most certainly enjoy this one, he was correct.

The story is simple but yet entertaining, no vampires, no supernatural stuff....just humans wich is in my opinion a nice change from all the stuff I watch. Pretty much 2 sisters fighting for the love of his non blood related brother, they are twins and they're both hot and they're both unique, keita can't seem to make up his mind wich one should he pick though because deep inside him he loves both as much as they love him.

The characters were great as well, the relationship between Keita and his sisters was applied correctly and the background characters fulfill their role. They did a good job with the characters. Keita isn't your typical shy boy that is afraid of touching woman...problem is the hot girls lying around him are his stepsisters, not bloodrelated but it still feels weird for him to have some sort of ecchi thoughts about sisters. Starts of being shy about it but then he eventually gets used to it since the harass from his sisters happens every god damn minute in the anime, from them touching his stick to wet kisses and him rubbing their panties ( even happens with his foot  lol)

The intro is one of the catchies intros I've heard in a while, I tend to skip intros but I didn't with this one, the sound within the anime...hmmm can't tell it was great but it wasn't bad either, i'd leave it above mediocre. Just typical sounds and melodies to go with the comedic/sad/ecchi moments of the anime.

The animation is great by the way, the ecchi scenes are greatly developped so the anime truly delivers what the ecchi fans would expect.

So if you like ecchi animes i would suggest you watch it, his sisters are cute somewhat but they aren't the only flesh you'll be watching throughout the anime, keita has tons of fans and you'll enjoy watching them.

Overall 8/10

Fresh anime with a simple yet entertaining story and stays entertaining throughout it. Watch it.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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