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Jun 19, 2012


Genocyber has a somewhat a lame way of representing war and human expirements.It starts off strange and ends off strange,it was a good idea behind how the genocyber was created but there were a lot of things left to be explained such as how did Mel come back to life?How was her child born if she died while pregnant? How Diana went in the chamber(in episode 1) and somehow fused with Elaine? These are just some of the questions left out by this anime.One good thing though, there was no true enemy the Kuryu were wiped out after episode 3 and then they moved on to Mel, and she destroyed a city and the anime ended,which was kind of lame because there was no real purpose in doing things like that,the only thing that you would call purpose is survival.Like those who lived in the underground all they wanted was survival or could be for the sake of research like that crazy scientist from the spisode when they were on the boat. To be honest I dont think there was any real enemy it just focuses on those who can use the genocyber power so it somewhat felt like the entire series was just all random fillers,thats just the feeling you would get anyway. To sum it up,this plot is too loose and nothing is really that connected just the genocybers and off course there is a lot of random war that takes place in Elaine's,Diana's and Mel's, lives.


Genocyber does haave some brutal scenes of gore(which is my favourtie type of anime).The design of the genocyber is also well done the action is very violent guts and all human body parts are thrown all about for sure its way more violent like anime such as gantz and elefin lied. The violence reaches somewhere slightly above violence jack.I really dont have any complaints about the animation for it was very well done and the creators did an amazing job because I beleive back then anime was hand drawn and yes the genocyber design was very complex and amazingly drawn. Just saying what would have made this animation perfect was the detailed animation of that in the ninja scroll movie or vampire hunter D bloodlust, well thats me just saying most shows nowadays dont really have this good quality of animation yes the graphics are better but nothing beats the good old classics.


Well the soundtracks was very well done it was the cool 80's music not the heavy metal sadly though but still the soundtracks were good.The voice acting could have been better(for the english dub),the japanese was dub was good.


What can I say other than they were pretty dull, when they developed you might want to know just what was going on because the story dosent explain anything.


I do like gore as I said before it is my favourtie type of anime.Genocyber has alot of gore but it fails in terms of story to keep the viewer's interest and the chracters in the anime are very blunt and not too deep,thats where genocyber fails.In terms of brutal animation and soundtrack selection,genocyber does a great job.This anime will however apply to certain people only,those who like violence should love this anime.  

4/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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