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Jun 3, 2012


Two samurai face to face,one blind and crippled and the other with only one arm,their past one with huge conflict.Thats the basic setup of shiguri.Well this is one of the "real" swordfighting anime that i have seen apart from samurai x.The guys no special kinds of power they are judt badasses with the swords and thats what i liked most about this show.Anyway shiguri is filled with lots of conflicts the story has a very good pace not to fast and not to slow just right and well after episode 1 where the 2 guys are about to fight,the rest of the series explains their dark past which sparked hatred between them.The ending of shiguri however was stupid and abrupt,i mean just suddenly it ended after the old man got killed.The old man in my opinion was the best in the series,he just got caught off gaurd thats why he died.The makers of this anime should have shown what would happen to the guys instead of ending it so suddenly all they left is for the viewer to figure out what happened.


Shiguri is beautiful,the animation is detailed and wow i mean this show was so well animated simply put beautiful.About the detailed animation the movement is fluid just like epics such as akira and ninja scroll.The graphics and colour choice was breathtaking,yes shiguri's animation is just amazing not to mention the amount of gore,well i have seen worse but not gore that looked this beautiful lol.


Shiguri is specialed in trems of traditional japanese music a lot of drums beat and so on.However i disliked the fact that it was so overused it at some point turned out annoying.


They were strange but thank god not annoying at least they acted like adults.The development was kinda confusing such that why did the girl immidiately fall in love with the other guy?Just because he refused to have sex with her?Is that really enough to make you leave the person you like and go behind for another one?I still didnt understand why the old man got so angry and lashed out in his different state at the end i mean that lady going in front of him wasnt probaly enough.However,the rest of people were believeable.


Shiguri was amazing,i love gore and i do love swordfighting and shiguri is just a combination of these 2 elements.

8.5/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall
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