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Devil May Cry

May 29, 2012


First to begin, I've never played the video games,but I hope its better than this anime.Well this story is pretty straightfoward a new mission kill some demons ..........done and with now and then touching somewhat a little on the chracters past lives but not much.What this story lacks is depth instead the main focus is getting a battle scene up, really what wants to watch a  meaningless fight? In fact this is one of the few anime I've seen that only wants its focus on just a fight, so its pretty episodic and not much interest can be found in the story the creators should have at least explain how the demon world and how the human world came into contact or they could have focused more on Dante's past life such as how he came to exist because I think he is supposed to be half human and half devil, anyway poor effort by the makers in this story at least it wont get as horrible as violence jack more because of the gore in it this show was bloody but it didn't impress me that much in terms of gore.


Well the only high point is seemingly when a fight scene reaches and there are a lot of ups and downs in the animation as well, in some parts the fights are pretty epic while others its just "gunshot" or mabe "swing of a sword"......the end.I think that there's some episodes I think from 4-9 or somewhere like that, the animation sucked and then the last part came where there were some good fights, last fight was pretty lame Dante just swinged his sword and killed Abbigail(sorry about the spelling).Apart from the fights some of which really needed some more work the visuals were ok.


Devil may cry's sound is simply amazing the opening theme I can listen to for hours and still not get tired of it( I wish it was the same for the series).Anyway I'm not going to do research and find out who did the opening theme but the have my thanks for making some excellent music.


Dante is a badass.....everyone else is a fail.To be honest there is not much developing of the, I think there is no developing of the chracters.All of them remanin straightfoward and easy to read not to mention Patty is one annoying brat the other two women the two coloured eye one and the electric one the seemed to act as they were cool but they were just failures and Dante always comes to save them in the end.Like I said earlier only Dante was the only cool person in this anime, in fact he's one of the coolest anime guys I've ever seen not to mention is design was just so badass.


Well this series had its ups and downs even though I didnt like this show too much I still wish there would be more episodes that would at least answer the questions I still have...........but heres something Ive always wondered, in terms of awesomeness, who is better Dante or Alucard?

2/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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