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Black Rock Shooter TV

May 23, 2012


I hate slice of life I don't know even why i watched this anime mabe because it has some good CG images.Anyway, it was kinda good to see how the struggle of life in the real world reflects on a parallel world yes it was confusing at first but then it became easier to understand.Well after the first 2 episodes of this show i was like "its good mabe a 9/10"........then after 5 episodes "this is getting lame 7/10".......after watching the entire show......I fell asleep.This show is simply pit, boring slice of life mixed with some intrest (interest in the parallel world).I was hard to judge this thing I mean at one point it was good simply amazing and then they just yak and yak and yak and they get nowhere in the actual story.There are some questions that also remain unanswered as well such as 'when strength was in the real world why didnt she age i mean didnt time pass because Saya was all grown up and Saya and Yuu met at a young age before Strength came in the real world'.Well anyway this was just a moderately average story.


Well this show was well made with its amazing CG images the graphics were also well done as well.This type of animation was very new to me,it was very unusual but at the same time entertaining.


Whoever sang the opening song for this show needs to retire, seriously it was annoying!!The voice acting was ok to.


They started out so deep and then just went to annoying and tideous.


I didnt spend much time on this review I dont know what type of audiences will enjoy this but mabe its me I mean its 12 in the night when I finished watched this show mabe I was sleepy or mabe this show just was a little boring anyway if the story had depth instead of focusing on boring basketball this just might have been a really good show the animation is worth highliting though it amazing.

5/10 story
9/10 animation
5/10 sound
8/10 characters
6/10 overall
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