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Violence Jack just wanted to be a fist of the north star so badly they were bold enough to ripoff the story of fist of the north star.And what a terrible job they did at it too, an earthquake hits the world is turned into a wasteland and barbarians run all about, that's Violence Jack's way of cheaply imitating fist of the north star, in fist of the north star the world was turned into a wasteland by a nuclear war and its kill for kill for survival, this story here has deeper meaning such a savior in these troubled times but Violence Jack however just steals the idea of rebels running about killing people and Jack comes along and kills the rebels....."how facinating" :\.I can't see any effort that was put into this story, however the creators did a good idea of stealing another anime's story.Fist of the north star came out in 1984, Violence Jack:Evil town came out in 1988, fist of the north star is older and better in terms of everything.Once again no effort was made in this story.


Do you like gore?I sure do like gore and Violence Jack gave me exactly that, peoples guts flying all over the place i remember Jack ripping a girl apart from her legs go up...that scene was so awsome!!!And there was a guy eating a dead girl and for some reason he tuened into some kinda freak, i didnt know hwat happened there but i seriously liked how he ate that girl.And off course the amount of rape scenes it had forget Gantz being so pornagraphic, Violence Jack by far surpassed Gantz in terms of rape(but overall i liked Gantz more).Now apart from the gore this show presented the movements of the chracters was so fluid it reminds me of epic movies like Ninja Scroll, Akira and Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, yes just like those anime Violence Jack have detailed movements like that.However this is Violence Jack:Evil town i dont know if the rest of the Violence Jack OVA's do have detailed animation like this, at least effort was put into here but only those who like extreme gore should watch this, Elefin Lied is nothing compared to gore in this show Gantz as well is no match in terms of gore however, fist of the north star is a whole new level, but if you are looking for gore this show will satisfy you.Its during somewhere after 30 minutes have passed when this show steps up to the extreme gore i mentioned eariler.


Well nothing bad here, just some cool 80's style music.It really creates the mood of rebels terroising the place like the 80's heavy metal but it was somewhat misused in some areas, the Japanese vioce acting was kinda lame it felt as if they were just reading the script and putting almost no emotion into it, in sme cases however, the vioce acting was good I have never listened to the English version so I can't comment on that but the style of music was something I liked.


No emotions were given to the chracters they just felt like talking with no particular reason  like robots  no emotions no depth.Jack is the worst he stands out as being a robot with no emotions just he's kinda senseless thats what i think about him, worse part yet, he's the main chracter.


This OVA was only enjoyable due to the amount of gore it had in it, other than that, its pointless, so only if you are a fan of gore watch this if not, well you will hate this. Yes these scores seem unreasonable but it just has something about this anime that makes it great 


0.1/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
0.1/10 characters
5/10 overall
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