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Tekkaman Blade

Apr 13, 2012


This show is certainly one of the best that i've seen.The story usually starts off pretty shallow at first it sort of feels like that you can predict everything that can happen next like reading a book, pretty straightfoward.However, the plot does pick up when Saber comes in and episode after episode the plot thickens the story keeps getting better and better lots of twists are introduced such as the negative impact it has on the body and it so seems that sheer hopelessness is brought on humanity due to this.But as i said earlier the stort is pretty shallow at first in fact at first it seems that the story is seemingly pointless but thank god it gets better later on.So you have to bear with it until the plot thickens which is not far to wait. 


Too many ups and downs, there are always signs of repeated usage of cells, but, when Blade battles another teknoman the animation quality gets really good however when he normally battles spider crabs the animation rapidly goes down to boring.The design of the tekno armor was impressive though especially when he powered up into the second form, the last fight between Saber and Blade, well its pretty hard to put into words but it had a deeper meaning than just a fight, during most of the fight they were flying all over the earth, I beleive that the ture purpose was to show just exactely what was at stake, it was a battle that had a really true meaning behind it.


The soundtrack was  really good it went form deep dramatic to to festive.The voice acting was suprising for a 90's anime was well done and the Japanese, well off course they always do good voice acting.


These chracters were given deep and complex emotions in fact every one of these chracters develop.It creates the atmosphere is such that you feel that this is a real person with real emotions you are looking at here, as I said before, they all develop especially Blade, Starr and Ringo which is good because these are the main chracters.


This is one show i will never forget, simply put it was amazing, but Blade suffered too much for humanity's sake i mean he lost all of his memories and family actually he was forced to kill them.But at least the girl who likes him lives at the end, this series is a must watch.      


10/10 story
5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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