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Dec 23, 2013

Brief Summary

This is a love story about some girl called Chizuru who like this boy called Kota but here is the the plot twist, Chizuru is a fox spirit. And here is another plot twist there are more of those girls who wants to to get Kota for themselves, oh wow, and here we have a fanservice kingdom of every fox spirit girl trying to get this boy........and in the end Kota admits his love to Chizuru.


Anything adapted from light novels is pure bullshit, this is no exception.

This has got to be one of the worst pieces of shit I have ever seen in my life, I thought the inital idea of the fox spirit was cleaver but other than that, the story was lacking bad. The first problem here is that there is no "love" to begin with, the plot is automatically fixed for Chizuru to love Kota without any development to that stage, we just have to accept that, we get a very vague idea as to probably why she does love him, the love she has is forced it is just so boring to watch.

Let's go to the moment of tension, Nozumo some girl no one cares about tries to steal Kota's heart...........*enter fanservice* I probably dont need to explain anything further than that.

But this anime has some good morals to it, Kota throughout the series takes a while to accept Chizuru this shows a bit of personality in his character, but it can never be realistic, i mean this girl is literaly offering herself to you and you back off.... *haaaaaa gayyyyyyyyy*


Poorly drawn characters nothing that is pleasing to watch, everyone looks like paper with colours.

The most well animated thing in this anime was Chizuru's breasts, they were wobbling all over the place. 


The voice acting felt too scripted, it felt as though they were just reading with almost no emotion at all. The opening and ending themes were ok, but nothing fancy (or good for that matter)


Forced love, ultimate climax is fanservice, in fact that was the entire point of this anime, fanservice, that is the only buildup, its because of these things I should give the characters a score of 0, but i was nice I gave it a 1 because Kota did hesitate to accept Chizuru for a while.


Bullshit, don't waste your time over this. You know what would have made this anime good, if there had been a huge conflict in the families accepting that a fox spirit can truly be in love with a human and I mean huge conflicts with drastic outcomes, I would have been interested, but noooooo they need fanservice to keep all those lonely guys out there fapping.

2/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Elven Dec 24, 2013

Thanks for your review. We all have opinions and I understand why you were harsh on it. Thought of sharing few of my thoughts as well, even though my memory might be a bit blurry :P. I watched it years ago...

So first of all, with story part i kinda agree. I personally hate that element in anime, where there is chosen heroine and no matter what happens in anime, we already know from first episode, that he is going to pick her. That's so stupid, removed all tension and stuff. What makes it worse, is that stealer happens to be half emotionless. How can person like that steal something? Studio/writer, you even trying? About fanservice, I personally like fan service, not to fap, but to simply enjoy being single... for now. But if I remember correctly, there indeed was way too much fan-service. Sometimes enough is enough. But I still would had given it more points, as the story itself isn't THAT bad :D

I cannot comment sound, as I dont remember anything at all anymore, regarding that.

I almost agree on animation part, but then I remembered, that I was using my brain. Can't rate anime with t he actual brain. I am sure that animation is fine, as the wobbling breasts is totally normal in anime world. Take a look at highschool of dead :D... Those boobs frikin dodge bullets ;).

I certainly was entertained with this anime, had my laughing moments and hey, that is what matters. At least it didn't have ultimate worst ending of all human kind... making no girl choice at all... or even worse, not noticing anything, after all girls in the world do dirty stuff to him :P.

Nice review thoughts, imo a bit too harsh, but we all have our own opinions.