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Dec 19, 2013

Very good start, throughout the series the main theme focused is friendship, which is nice but it becomes repetitive and boring.


As I said before it starts off really good, but after the first 3 episodes or so I lost all interest because:

  • Most of the series focuses on friendship and the friendship between Kagura and Yomi is forced and it takes up too much of the screen time, it honestly feels like fillers.
  • Only 2 characters are potrayed alone, so when they killed off most of the others, I really didnt care because I didnt get a sense of what their purpose was in the anime.
  • The battles are boring (really stylish effects are used and the anime keeps a grim atmosphere but the fights are not well done, its just a bunch of simple slashes)
  • A lot of wasted scenes, all of which were uncecessay to the plot.
  • It doesnt even feel like it was finished I mean they didnt even get that butterfly guy caused all of the mess.

A few things I'd like to point out to, I like the idea of being an exorist one of them truns to the dark side, that idea was neat.

Schools girls fighting demons!?!?!? (I really don't need to say much there)

As far as friendship goes I don't think I would bathe or kiss my frisnds as Kagura and Yomi did.


Very dark and atmospheric, it was very pleasing to watch, problem was during the fights they would stop and pause and cry out their feelings trying to force some emotion into the moment, I just skipped past that before I fell asleep.

In terms of the battles they were very slow and progressive, it could have been done much better.

Character design again was very simple and basic nothing to facinating to look at.


I did like some of the ghostly and haunting soundtracks this anime had, unfortunately I hated the opening and ending themes.

Voice acting ws good no complaints there.


Only 2 characters were focused alone adn eventually I lost interest in them as well. Funniest was when they tried to kill off some of the secondary characters they tried to make the death look sad eg. Kagura's father he didnt get much screen time, I didnt care whether he lived or died, if they had foucsed him a bit more, give some more insight into him I would've cared.


Meh, just another forgettable anime, I do have an issue with the first episode though, the characters in those yellow suits, I thoought they were the main characters sice they were focused a lot and then they were killed off, my opinion, the anime would have probably been better  if they were the progatanists instead.

What I really dont like is anime that start off so well and then trun out into utter mess, this is another example of one of those anime.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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