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Tekkaman Blade II

Dec 15, 2013

Well, this was stupid, I liked the first Tekkaman but this was a mess.


Well 10 years have passed since Blade saved the world and the invaders are back, however this time mankind has adapted the technology to create their own Tekkaman even more powerful than the alien's one.

The entire point of this OVA, fight the aliens, thats it, there is no deep plotline like the first, the story is inconsistent, a lot of unexplained things such as, how did Blade recover his memory? or how did he get back his power? And  several more questions like that, its more like things just happen and we as the audience need to assume that there was some mystical force at work that brought up these scenes.

Not to mention the incredibly shitty looking Tekkaman that this OVA had, excpt Blade, he alone looked cool. I mean even the aliens looked shitty to. In the end they tried to make an emotional attempt to make David's father victim to the alien's mind control (well, well this sounds so familiar to the original where Saber fell victim to the mind control) difference here is that everyone ends up happy and they continue to fight the Radam.


Very flashy, looks nice, shitty looking Tekkaman though


I only found the english dub and it was just annoying, Yumi's voice was the worst, some of the OST used were really good but overall it was really lacking.


Miraculous development happens, at one point one person hates another and then in the next episode they both like each other without any pacing as to how it happened. Everyone had a role assigned to them and it happened no good development what so ever, very poor.


The original Tekkaman beats this watch that instead 

2/10 story
7.5/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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