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Well this attempts to finish off Blood-C the series ending in a cliffhanger. The basic idea is about a bunch of monsters called elder barins of which a girl called Saya  kills because I dont know why she does it , they say that she needs to do it and for some strange reason she can't even kill humans no matter how much she wants to, I dont know why she can't do that either, anyway, this guy called Fumito is responsible for making these monsters, he did a lot of experiments with Saya's  blood, he sends them to fight Saya to make her happy or some shit like that because she needs to kill them. She them develops a hatred for Fumito beacuse he made her kill some kind of father like figure to her (from the TV series) so Saya  comes to kill Fumito  after she leaves the island. 

In this movie now, Saya  meets a bunch of teenagers who help her find Fumito and blah blah blah they talk uncecessary no relevance to the plot, then lets skip to the end, its revealed that Fumito loves, so this is what i interpret, you love a girl who is a monster so using her blood you turn yourself into a monster and create other monsters so that she can fight it.....because she needs to fight it, good going Romeo, you love a girl instead of flowers send a fucking monster.

Lets talk about all the weakness this plot has

  • Ridiculous story
  • Bad pacing, its utterly boring at some parts
  • Irrelevant scenes, too much uncessary parts that have nothing to do with the actual story
  • The characters just naturally fall into their places without any kind of second thought, making them unrealistic
  • So many things go unanswered, just what exactely is Saya and how did these monsters come about
  • The characters motives are unknown, they just do things for some reason that makes no sense
  • Some good themes are brought up but its just killed of because the characters are so unrealistic


Berserk the golden age arc,  the animation style is very similar to that, although i prefer this one more, its a heavy mix of CG images and 2D, it works decently the fight scenes are good nothing superb but good, bloody. THe artwork was alright, the characters look anorexic like Code Geass anorexic. As far as I can tell all the strength this pulls or any entertainment you want from this comes strictley from the battle scenes with is sad beacuse there are only a few like 3-4 alone in this movie. There is however very fluid movement of the characters, you know like Ninja Scroll movie movement is fluid like that, but of course this is nothing compared to Ninja scroll


Again nothing too good, english dub and sub were good, you didnt really feel the characters from the voice acting, soundtracks used were generally good although they were not often used.


I'll be very brief:

  • I have no idea what their motives are
  • Their stories are squeezed up, so their entire background is very messy
  • Some good themes are brought up such as the loniless that Saya faces
  • they are unrealistic, they just fall into place without no reason 


Dissapointing, watch only for the fights, other than that I'd say the best part was when Saya  was taking a bath we got to see her tits.

1/10 story
8.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall

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