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After an epic movie comes this garbage


I tried, I really tried, there is no depth in this series, no relatable scenes, no good plot, everything is just plain and simple, the ending though complete was stupid too supernatural for the nature of ninja scroll. Ok here we go, the plot is basically about this Ninja called Jubei who is a mercenary  miraculously decides to put his life on the line to gaurd something called the Dragon Jewel just because they say he "trusts" that wolf guy he got it from. Later on it is revealed that the dragon jewel is connected to the light maiden Shigure and well the old monk Dakuan hires Jubei to gaurd them both. There is also the Hiruko and Kimon clans that appear to want the light maiden to obtain the sacred treasure.

Now here's what stupid both clans are fighting for the light maiden but in the end the treasure is some kind of wish that she alone can make, so bascially you're sayng the entire series was pointless, because if its her choice then why fight and kill each other if you have no control over what she's going to do.

The structure of the episodes is very bad as well, some kind of ninja appears Jubei kills it and its all just some kind of big feud to get the dragon jewel. You know this kind of reminds me of Inuyasha everyone was after the sacred jewel there, but what made sense in Inuyasha was that if you got the scared jewel you can use it for yourself unlike here its only the light maiden than can access it.

Now the show ends well but the ending felt like I was watching another anime, beacuse it was just too supernatural it didnt feel like Ninja Scroll, I like the part where Shigure wishes for a normal life and where Jubei  walks off into the horizon like the badass that he is.


Every one of the ninjas looked like a bunch of rejects from the circus, I mean you got an electricity man, a kind of glass man that summons butterflies, a lady with man killing hair, a guy with a fake eye, another girl with some kind of power dealing with trees, some kind of bat that cuts trees with his wings, a girl who can sever her bodyparts and replace them with some other organic structure and the list goes on. Jubei and a few others actually looked like ninjas.

In terms of artwork only Jubei looked really cool everyone else wasn't so good.

Battle scenes, everything was very basic and repetitive, Jubei uses his awesome slash and kills them.....THE END.


By far, the best part of the show, both opening and ending themes kicked ass, the soundtracks uesd in the anime was really great, voice acting both english and subs were excellent, however I did prefer Jubei's  english voice over the Japanese one.


Again only Jubei's character was well done everyone else had no apparant depth, most of the time their motives were unknown putting more bordeom into this series adn then just before some of  their deaths they try to push some kind of feeling into them as if I'm supposed to fucking care? You had a whole episode the create a background and just berore they die a story behind them magically appears. Then there was the whole pointless feud with the Hiruko and Kimon clans which again didn't make any sense because it was the light maiden's decision in the end


The Ninja Scroll Movie was a masterpiece I will give that one 9.5/10, this shit, this really ruined all the epicness the movie had. My advice just watch the movie and be happy.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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