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This is a review for the first 3 Berserk Golden Age Arc movies

These movies were made in an attempt to cover the chapters in the manga, my guess is that every year they will realase one of these movies.


The pace is very fast in just 3 movies they managed to cover up to the point where the original TV series left off. Berserk has a very interestong story with a lot of morals behind it such as ambition( the best example is Griffth), betrayal, friendship etc. As I said the story moves very fast in one scene you see Guts injured and in the next scene you see him fighting which signals that a few months have past. This didn't bother me at all you have to keep paying attention and the story is really good to keep you watching it.

The problem I think is in the 3rd movie, where the monsters and the huge supernatural events take place as well as where Griffith becomes something like a god, it just feels like a completely different anime you're watching. 


I'll be honest here the animation was shit, just pure shit. In one scene the characters looked like anime, then in the next everything became poorly animated CG images. It felt at times like I was watching a video game and an anime mix up into one. Fight scenes were mostly CG animated, it really didn't look good at all. It does manage to keep its violent nature though, it's really bloody and there are a lot of sex scenes, the good thing is that the sex scenes are not abused, it 2 characters have sex it is relevant to the plot eg. when Griffith slept with Charollte(the princess) that was a huge turning point for the anime. That artwork was generally decent, but I was expecting it to be better,  they really nailed it with Griffith's feminine look though that was well done, Guts does not look as masculine as he should look.

But the huge problem overall here was the overused CG images


The voice acting english and Japanese was very well done soundtracks were kind of catchy also.


Naturally Berserk has very deep characters, from the manga and the TV series. In these movies they got a bit shallow and this has mainly to do with the extremely fast pacing of the movie, they didnt give us enough time to understand at first and when they do undergo some kind of development its unclear why is that relevant to the character. 


I'll say it now the TV series is slightly better these movies and the manga is better than all. But don't get me wrong, these 3 movies were very enjoyable. I beleive that the Berserk manga is still going on, so its problay safe to say that we havent seen the last of Berserk animation yet, in a few interviews I read, some adapatation of the Berserk saga is underway I will be happy if that happens because overall I do love Berserk. 

8/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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damanisjon Nov 12, 2013

thanks for the review it was handy. Man. CG. why do they do it. Its like that crappy ghost in the shell remake full of cgi crap.