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Ghost Hunt

Sep 3, 2013

Now this anime ultimately does not have point, its just several arcs involving cases of ghosts and psychic abilities. I have a few problems with the story itself, sometimes they make whats gonna happen next too obvious that kills all the suspense out  the point of a mystery anime is to surprise the viewer.  I also  noticed that this is labelled as a horror, well its not, ig tends at some parts to be mysterious but in no area this is scary. I will give this show credit however, the last arc was amazing, i enjoyed that part of the show a lot, if the entire show had planning like that i would have given this show somethinglike an 8 or even 9. The last arc left a great impression, good  conclusion, decent characer development, nice pacing. This is immeaditely why some people would say this anime is a masterpiece without considering how shallow the other arcs were.

Ghost however has its good points, it actually has a good pace it moves right through it does explain almost everything it does so generally it does not leave you confused at all. However i  really couldnt give it anything 5 because i have heard better ghost stories, the anime has no solid conclusion and its just repetitive and THAT is what kills all the entertainment out of this.

On to the animation, it was very basic, some parts looked kind of creepy but just basic, its no where near scary. It was just in the last 2 arcs of this show that the animation was really good but it still does not make up for the fact that the animation was very plain and basic. The character design was just very plain, good but plain, it still is better than a lot of anime out there.

The most memorable part of ghost hunt was its very well done soundtracks. It gave it a nice feeling of  something mysterious and a feeling of uncertainty, very good for a mystery anime. The ending theme was so atmospheric, i would have always listened to it. The opening theme was good but i liked the ending better. Unfortunately even though the soundtracks does a great job with the atmosphere the story fails to maintain this. A mystery anime needs its soundtracks and story to maintain the atmosphere the plot fails here by making the ending predictable.

The characters, i really could not take them seriously why because at points where thers supposed to have high tension, the studio tries to introduce comedy, spoiling the mood and losing the personality of the character. Furthermore there really isnt any development if Mei loves Naru so much then why didnt she ask him out, in the end they just remain friends. All of the characters have dynamic personalities making them enjoyable, the viewer is also given time to bond and understand them, but whats the point if there really isnt much development going on.

Overall, this is just the kind of anime that you should just watch once. Now the last arc was done well that creates the illusion that this anime was a masterpiece, its not, think about the other arcs they werenot well done. Ghost hunt is generally a good mystery anime, buy mystrey is one of my favourite generes of anime so i can safely say there are many out there better than this.

5/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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