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Mirai Nikki TV

Jul 5, 2013


  • Great twists in the story, a lot of unecpected things
  • Because of these twists in the plot, the characters become unpredictable which generates intrest in the show
  • The second opening theme was really great (quite a catchy song)
  • The animation creates a dark mood in the anime, which makes it a great mystery
  • The episodes usually ends on a high note


  • Even though there are a lot of great stuff in the plot, the story seems borrowed from a mixture of anime, for instance the idea of becoming god is in may anime such as Needless, or Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne, as well as the love story
  • The first opening theme was annoying
  • Amano takes too long to develop, it was usually around episode 20 or so where he finally realizes that he must fight (which is almost at the end of the show)
  • The love relationships seem forced
  • I'm too fucking tired of hearing the phrase "I will protect you"


Now at first I was a bit skeptical anout the plot, where the god had reached the end of his life span and needs to elect a sucessor, it was quite strange to say the most, however, as the show moved on I kept gaining interest in it. Now as I said before, this story is not original (there are many great aspects/twists and turns that should keep an interest in it), it does take many ideas from several anime to kind of show the relationship of god and man...but the anime that does a perfect display of this is Ergo Proxy (by the way Ergo Proxy is an excellent anime I don't know why some people gave it bad reviews, but I will give that show 9/10, it is one of the best anime out there) however the way the story got at the end was magnificent, I was at the edge of my seat, because they tird all of the loose ends up and everything made sense. The anime had a great ending, everyone is happy, there was only one thing I wanted, Yuno and Ammano to be together at the end.


Dark and mysterious, that is the mood the animation tries to give and it does accomplish that but only to some extent. The actions scenes are good but not anything excellent, you can actually see that this style was taken from other anime. There are some usage of CG animation such as Deus and you could tell that it was not well animated. But, although it may sound like I am complaining, I did enjoy the animation, it is great


 Very well done voice acting, the emotions flooded the characters. The problem here is the annoying first theme, the second one was good, the ending theme was ok. The OST used was very good too, no problems there.


One thing they tried to show was, the power of love, especially Yuno's love for Amano, the thing here is that this love seems forced not natural. In fact most of the love relationships in the anime seem forced such as the relationship between the cop and the ninth (that girl with the purple hair). I also liked the psycho nature of Yuno (again this was there to show how much she cared for Amano)


Despite its flaws this is a great anime, I did enjoy watching it and maybe some time in the future I will watch it back.  

7.5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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ZKMsphere Aug 3, 2013

Hey,I was wondering whether should I watch Mirai Nikki,I heard that theres alot of rape scene or characters that have been raped in the past.I'm a huge horror fan but the idea of rape just turns me off so much,I hate non-consensual sex and all those that falls into the category including blackmailing. Mirai Nikki is one of the Anime I've been wanting to watch but I'm just too sensitive towards rape. 

So I'm asking you whether should I watch it,thanks for reading :D