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The wallflower - my thoughts


I just finished watching the wallflower and here are some of my thoughts about it:

4 handsome guys are living away from home in the house of a rich widow. One day the widow starts a bet with them: turn my niece into a lady and you 4 will live here without having to pay the rent. If you do not succeed, you will pay me double the rent. Being handsome and very selfconfident and eager for not having to pay rent the 4 accept the challenge immediately. Then they meet the niece, sunako. An insecure horror loving goth girl whom's behaviour is so completely the exact opposite from the 4 that she literally scares the hell out of them. The road to womanhood begins...

Right from the moment Sunako enters the life of the 4 this anime becomes hilarious. It's full of every day situations that everyone can relate too. From simply doing groceries for cooking dinner to organizing school events. But how the each completely different then the other main characters go through life forces all of them in situations they've never given more thought then merely their own thoughts. How a shy person deals with other people is totally different then how a confident person would. This is the sort of opposite events, situations, thoughts and so forth are displayed in the anime, and for me personally mostly in a manner that had me laughing constantly throughout the 25 episodes.

But there is also a lot of serious stuff being said if you can look passed the humor.

I perceived the wallflower as a story all about being who you want to be and not becoming how other people want you to be.

Having been a teenager myself (duh, obviously ages ago) and having teenagers now i recognize myself and my kids in the anime. The struggle to become a proper grown up is not an easy one and it does not matter whether you are a poor person, rich person, pretty person, insecure person etc etc. Almost all of us have or are having to put up a struggle to become the person one wants to be rather then the person that the world around one wants to be.

Being a gamer i live in a fantasy world and in real life. This anime has a lot of real life issues in it, mixed with an extremely high dosis humor and i would advise everyone to watch it.

I finished watching this anime on 08-09-12 and at this moment would rate it a 10/10. I'll definately watch this one again and will come back to this block to check if i would give it the same rating.

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