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I'm a student of Computer Science. I think I'm a real otaku, I watched anime since i was about 10. I am a real gamer, I play FPS (I love them), RPGs, Survival Horror and many other kind of games. I'm also a trading card player, I love to play Magic: The Gathering online and in real life. I like music, specially metal genres like rapcore, nu metal, dark metal, progressive, ...,some bands that i like most are System Of a Down, Saliva, Unloco, Static-X, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Disturbed, Godsmack, Apocalyptica, ....

Actually philosophy gets my interest, i start reading Nietzsche work, books like 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' and 'The Anti-Christ' really get me.

My biggest vices are sleeping and eating.

And of course, i see a lot of anime.

The games that i play, some people tells me that i'm sick cause the high level of playing, the most are every Resident Evil, Unreal Tournament, FEAR, Zelda's games,Silent hill,diablo 2, warcraft, sacred, metin, ... this list is very long.

-- More info coming soon --

Pd. Sorry my english

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pukahuntus Jan 23, 2011

hello person! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :3

Conjord2 Jun 8, 2008

Hey. Thanks for the recommendations! I will defiantly give them a go.

You happen to know any good anime moves?

Yeah Fullmetal Alchemist if definatly one of my favorites, I also hope a few more Claymore episodes are on the way.