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Hello there.
My name is Andrea and i am a 21 year old German Girl. (So if my englisch isn't perfect please forgive me.^^)

Actually i don't have any favorite Anime. I like quite a lot and i think you can see which ones i liked most if you look through my Animelist.

Besides watching Anime and reading Manga, i also enjoy watching K-Drama und J-Drama. I only started watching them in March 2015 so i haven't watched this many yet. But i am very fond of Live Action Movies. I just love it how the japanese always pick the manga that i like and make them into a movie :)
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How did i start watching Anime?
Hm, it all started with Pokemon. I was a big fan of it when i was young. I collected stickers like a maniac. Also i started watching Naruto when i was 9 or 10 years old and i was am a big fan of the ghibli movies.

Hated Genres?
Well i dislike Yaoi and Yuri. I only watched 2 Shounen Ai anime and i realized that that genre is just not my thing.
Mecha is also one of those genres i try to avoid.
Also i hate Moe! It's just gnaaaargh! Why do moe girls always have to look like some 12 year old with stupid big eyes and the brain of an ant? WHY? I hate it :D

Soo..what else can i tell you, what might be interesting..hmm..maybe some fav quotes? Yeah i think i do that.

Favourite Quotes:

"Zura Janai Katsura Da!" -Katsura Kotarou

"Nothing's perfect, the world's not perfect, but it's there for us, trying the best it can. That's what makes it so damn beautiful." - Roy Mustang

"If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then live beautifully until the end." - Sakata Gintoki

"The Bird of the Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame." - Alucard

 "There are Times where you have to find an important Answer on your own. Everyone does."
(Dengeki Daisy)

"If you had the Power to destroy the evil, tormenting your family and neighbors, would you?"

Well, that's all for now. Bye bye :)

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sailormooncostumes Sep 14, 2016

I believe I found your profile on Google when I tried to find some people to follow ^^

XxZeroeZxX Jun 10, 2013

Your reaction makes it totally worth it :)

XxZeroeZxX Jun 4, 2013

I like your Megumi gif, though I'd probably like it better if it was Sunaco..

See, I don't really think of Hellsing as a vamp anime cause I mean it's not actually about vamps. Like, I know Alucards and a bunch of the others are, but it's more just about blood and gore and violence and to hell with everything else (a la Elfen Lied or Deadman Wonderland). A much better show than those two though.

Yeah, that's the interesting thing about Shiki. I think I described it as the morality of an eye for an eye. They created a really great atmosphere with that series (which I love). Not to mention, there's not one but two great male leads.

If you were to characterize Shiki by morality, Hellsing by violence, and VK by romance, the word I would probably give Vampire Bund is loyalty. There, that's the extent of my poetry lol.

That's great, finals are over!! It's too bad you didn't join the site sooner, math is kinda my specialty, I am an engineer after all lol.

XxZeroeZxX Jun 3, 2013

Not good w/ English, really? Cause you've written everything perfectly fine so far... I wouldn't hav guessed lol.

Vampire Bund's definitely good you should watch it. As I referenced in my review, it's very much comparable w/ both VK and Shiki. In fact, I've cycled through the 3 in terms of like "Best true vamp anime". I think they've each got their own niche.

Not much time eh? You still got school in Germany?

XxZeroeZxX Jun 2, 2013

Vampi huh? That's cute, I can work w/ that... Lol

Question: Have u actually not watched Vampire Bund or did u just not mark it yet?