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hi there ^^ i'm a HUGE anime fan and have been for going on 14 years now lol.

i like a veriety of anime ranging from astro boy to gravitation lol. There is a lot of anime i still have yet to see and plenty more that i WANT to see so i'm going to be around for a while XD.


And if you're interested in my display picture i got the lineart off a site called and colored it myself... yes i got permission before hand lol.

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DanteX says...

Need's more eccentric[ness?] imo.

Jun 28, 2008
shinakuma says...
I agree with you and thanks :D
Jun 27, 2008
DanteX says...

Woah! Those are some sophisticated recommendations you got coming up there Valore, keep up the good work :)

Jun 26, 2008
shinakuma says...

Hey I finally found another anime loving aussie one this site. You don't mind if I add you to my friends list do you? ^_^

Jun 25, 2008
przybor says...

That Ojousama on your avatar is so cute^^ Whats her name and from what anime? I must know!

btw. great signature, too. Zero is the best male character in VK :>

Jun 25, 2008