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about me

Well, what can I say here?

Probably only about, what manga/anime I like, and what I'm actually watchin' or readin'.

  • Watching animes:
  1. Hunter x Hunter (2011) - a remake of older anime. Only the REALLY good titles get these. So, it must be something great.
  2. One Piece - maaan, I watched every episode there is so far, and I don't regret watching any of those, this anime is just great. Right now I can only keep watching it every week, when the new episode comes out.
  3. Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei - a black comedy filled to the brim with absurds and references. Warning: madness factor inside. Those are exactly the kind of shows that make me fall into despair.
  4. Zetsuen no Tempest - a story about some supernatural occurrences, people turning into metal, an evil organisation trying to resurrect some eldritch abomination to bring the end of the world as we know it, and quoting Shakespeare.
  5. JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - the second season of an anime based on a classic testosterone-poisoned manga, which is probably most well known from ZA WARUDO and road rollers.
  • Reading mangas:

Nothin' at the moment.

  • Anime/manga I like: So... As you can see, I don't like shounen-ai (have you ever seen a guy watchin' yaoi?). If it's about any other anime... I'll probably watch everything, be it mainstream shinigami/tenshi/ninja/whatever fights, some sorta school romance, giant robot cannons, or a bit perverted story about a shy boy who's being loved by a whole harem of bishoujos (I would be denying my nature as a man if I said I don't like that type of things...).
  • My first experience with anime: When I was about 5 years old, i watched Dragon Ball Z here and there. Near the 2000 in my country some TV channel was airing many animes. With DBZ, there was Slayers (known then as Magic Warriors), Magic Knights Rayearth (...again known as Warrioress from the Land of Dreams), Saint Seiya (...and again known as Knights of the Zodiac. I don't get why they needed to change the names of animes...), and of course Pokemon.
  • My first experience with manga: One time my cousin brought first volume of Naruto (back then it wasn't the synonym of The Bold and the Beautiful...). I haven't read it, because I was too young (and/or probably too stupid...) to be interested in those things. And, there was that Oiroke no Jutsu scene. So, my first time readin' those things was about the end of 2009, when my cousin again brought some of this. This time it was Ouran Koukou Host Club. I liked it a lot (many comedy scenes made me nearly fall from the chair...).
  • When I became "otaku": It was again at the end of 2009. Because of the boredom I started watching Naruto with my cousin. And before I realized, I was completely absorbed by it. Next was Fullmetal AlchemistSlayers (I know, I was watching it when I was 5 years old, but what could I possibly understand at that age...), and Bleach (at all, it's funny name... I called it for fun "Detergent", and even my mom one time named it "Domestos" [it's some sorta liquid toilet cleaner...]).
  • Characters I like: Well, it's for me probably a matter of my instincts. When I feel I like character, I simply like it. When I feel I don't like character... well, it usually never happens. But, I need to say one thing: I hate when a girl has breasts bigger than her brain. Simply, I hate the "brainless kawaii moe" bishoujo type. I think my taste in them is "evil-and-a-bit-loli" ones, but any one that can at least think a bit will be OK for me.

So, that's probably all.

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