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Let's see...  Things fellow anime fans might like to know about me...

I download anime torrents from Anime Suki to stay on top of what is current.  I generally do not buy anime DVD's, though I would like to if the Japanese would subtitle their works (In Japanese) so that they could be used as a learning tool.  I periodically check for subtitled discs on CDJapan.

I buy many anime soundtracks, which I import from Japan to be certain I'm not getting bootlegged junk.  The pricing is pretty high, and the shipping is also pretty ghastly, but I tend to listen to the sountracks quite often, so I feel I get my money's worth out of them and I get to support the industry.  At any point in time you would probably find me planning to make a CD purchase of some sort in the near future.  If not that, then I am worrying about where I'm going to store the next batch of discs I buy.

I don't really care which characters can kick which other character's butts.  Goku vs. Naruto fantasy doesn't really do it for me.  I get a bigger kick out of the Lucky Star crew trying to figure out which end of a cream puff is the "head", and Chiaki and Touma discovering the "Cup Yakisoba" phenomenon (Minami-ke).  I like good guys (and girls), no matter if they can defend the universe, or just detonate the kitchen (accidentally) while trying to fry an egg for their sick friend.

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