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I rank anime/manga with my own personal opinion and I won't rank anything "Won't Watch" because I believe everything deserves at least a one episode chance. ^_^

1 Star- I hated it. There were no redeeming qualities and I probably didn't make it past 5 or 6 episodes.

2 Stars- It wasn't worth my time. Yes there may have been some good stuff here and there but I either severely disliked something else about it or simply the bad outweighed the good.

3 Stars- Meh. It's okay but probably not something I'd recommend off the top of my head. It probably had a balance of good and bad qualities but nothing to spark my interest.

4 Stars- It was or is good. I'd definitely recommend it and probably praise something about it. It may have a few things that I didn't like or care for but nothing that make or breaks the series.

5 Stars- It was or is excellent! I'd highly recommend it to just about everyone I know and would not feel the need to bring up the bad qualities if it posses them. Definitely one of my favorites.


Most of my reviews have SPOILERS in them. I intend for them to be read by users that have already viewed the series and simply want to secure their sanity, rage along with me or gush about their undying love for certain characters. I do however announce when a SPOILER is coming most of the time and I don't explain them in detail, that's what Wikipedia is for. Plus, this site has pretty good synopsises and I really challenge you to at least watch a few episodes before completely disregarding any series.

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Svai avatar Svai

Great Reviews!

Aug 5, 2011

Hey!!  Loved your Phantom review!!

Keep it up lD

Toyplay avatar Toyplay

Thanks! ^_^

Aug 3, 2011

Just What I Needed To Know

I Thought I Was The Only One That Had Bad Subs :p

meryely avatar meryely

Great Anime List!

May 9, 2011

Hi just passing by to show some love to you and your page you have a great anime list and profile have a lovely day my friend :-)

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