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Full Metal Panic!

Jun 20, 2011

It’s a good thing this review is only over the first season of FMP!, otherwise its rating would be much lower and the review overall would be a lot more negative. But onward we go! Honestly I could not stop watching this series when I first started it. The first oh, six or seven episodes are extremely intriguing and really introduce the characters and story line well. The problem I think other viewers may run into is that it’s not a serious mecha anime. If the creators meant for it to be that way, they failed drastically and if you go into expecting epic battles and mind blowing logistics around every corner you’re going to be severely disappointed.

Story 7/10
Again, this is just the first season (1-24); the story, in my opinion, kind of starts to go downhill after this season but that’s for another time, another review. The story line is pretty neat. A secret military group named Mithril is tasked to protect a girl named Kaname Chidori who is said to be one of the Whispered. Sousuke Sagara (identity theft?) is the best soldier Mithril has to offer. He’s super serious and hecka good at his job which happens to be piloting Arm Slaves. So of course, when Mithril is asked to protect one of the coveted Whispered who better to send than Sousuke? And hey, for kicks let’s make him go to high school too! It’s anime at its finest. ;) Anyhow, hilarity ensues when Sousuke finds it’s really hard to be a high school student and an undercover military agent at the same time. You kind of start to feel bad for the kid, he’s got a lot on his plate. He’s responsible for Chidori which of course turns into a romance situation, he’s got a pretty nasty past that eventually catches up to him and all the while he’s battling his special kind of Arm Slave called the Arbalest which has a special unit called the Lambda driver that runs on feelings or some silly thing. Sounds like a lot to throw together huh? Well it kind of is. Eventually you kind of start to get whiplash from switching back and forth from serious to comical, but it’s not too terribly bad.

Animation 6/10
It’s okay…but just okay. Not the best stuff out there but not the worst either. Again, I feel like towards the beginning of the series things were just better, this category included. And again, this is not a blow your mind super mecha series. I wasn’t really impressed with any of it but I also wasn’t disappointed. It’s preeeetty obvious when switching from CG and back again, but that doesn’t necessarily make or break it for me.

Characters 6/10
I usually find one character per anime that I just completely love 100%. I didn’t find one for this series. Sousuke is okay, Chidori is…okay they’re just kind of…okay. Kurz can be funny at times so he’s probably the closest thing to my “favorite”. Tessa bugged the crap out of me almost immediately. I’m not sure if it was her voice or her demeanor but something just flat out irritated me every time she came on the screen. I did however like most of the antagonists for this series. Gauron is a great character and he really brings out the bad-ass side of Sousuke. His reason for being in the story though is kind of vague and you don’t really get an explanation until the third season: The Second Raid. All in all, the characters were pretty cookie cutter if you ask me. You’ve got your good kid with a bad past, the pretty girl who needs protection, the action chick, the lecher, the wimpy girl everyone feels sorry for yada yada.

Sound 6/10
I do have to rate this a little lower than I normally do. The opening/ending themes were fine, nothing remarkable, but I didn’t care for the voice acting. It may have been the characters themselves but I found a number of voices to be pretty annoying, Chidori’s included.

Overall 6.5/10
Once I passed the first handful of episodes this show ceased to intrigue me. It had a pretty good base to jump from but ended up flailing in its attempt to combine action-packed mecha with high school romance/comedy. I know others enjoyed this anime a lot more than I did so check it out and see for yourself; it just didn’t end up being my cup of tea. Fumoffu, beware my wrath…

Another time, another review.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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