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Voices of a Distant Star is a very well received anime. For what reason is beyond me. This anime is just bad. Maybe I'm not the most cultured person, but seeing two people whining and complaining isn't my idea of entertainment.

Story: The story has the right idea, it just doesn't seem to do anything. The idea that two people who care about each other but are split apart by distance is a noble idea, and one that could have worked, but it doesn't because it just shows the two people just complaining, and hardly anything else. Sure there are some action sequences in there, but they are boring. If your going to do something like this, at least show the characters interacting with characters in the place they are. Just going back and forth between the two is not at all interesting. I honestly think that the director didn't even try to expand the story at all. Bottom line, this story could have been good at least, but it just fucks itself over by there being nothing besides the interaction, if you can even call it that.

Characters: Now, here's where Voices really takes a downfall, the characters. Both Mikako and Noboru are simply too whiny. They're so whiny, it's hard to sympathize with them. They basically have no emotion besides the fact that they miss each other. It's just "Oh, I miss you" for 25 minutes in various ways. They don't even seem sad about it or anything, just rather depressed. Despite the fact they both whine and complain, I think that Mikako is worse because; 1. She complains more, and 2. She doesn't drop out of the army to be with Noboru, even though she can. But still both characters are just awful.

Art: The art was overall decent. The Earth setting was really good, but the other settings were absent of anything interesting or eye-catching. Now, when you can't make space eye-catching, you defiantly have a few problems in the art department. The character design was OK, but Mikako's design looks like it was ripped-off directly from Lain's character design. The 3-D art however is where the art starts to drag itself. It just doesn't fit. It looks poorly compiled and not at all cleaned up. The only good thing I can say about the 3-D art is that the enemy ships look like a Haunter, who is an awesome Pokemon. But even that doesn't save the art, because it's just overall decent.

Sound: The music is rather forgettable and boring. Sure, some of the stuff they did with the piano was interesting, but it's still just boring and forgettable. It's almost as they played the same song, just over and over again. The English voices were decent, and the sound effects were sort of interesting, but they were few and far between and you can't remember them. The sound part was just rather boring.

Overall: I have no idea why so many people like this anime, it's just two people complaining for 25 minutes. That's not entertainment, that's high school drama, and frankly, there are better ways to watch high school drama than this. If you want to see people complaining for that long, then I feel sorry for you. 3.2/10

2/10 story
4.9/10 animation
4.2/10 sound
1/10 characters
3.2/10 overall
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Suzaka Apr 15, 2014

The point, you missed it. If you're looking for development, you're not going to find that in a single episode of anything. You're better off watching much longer anime.

VGCKenny Sep 3, 2013

No, I'm looking for DEVELOPMENT! V.O.A.D.S. certainly doesn't have that.

KageNoArashi Jul 6, 2013

Dude i think you're not getting what this short-film is trying to show you, it's not supposed to be a fantasy like romance where the love ends in a happy manner, Makoto Shinkai is well knowned for making tragic romances such as this one in a mature manner, and i will say that he deplected the sadness of being seperated from your loved one nicely with the inner monologues that the characters tell, and the monologues felt quite meaningful and is not very boring to me.

It seems like you're searching for a mecha romance show, and V.O.A.D.S is certainly not into the mecha aspects, like i've said before, V.O.A.D.S is about the tragic romance(though indeed the world could be built up alot better).