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May 2, 2011

Who here likes ecchi filled, somewhat funny, kind of vuvuzela anime with a case of ADD? Then Kampfer is the perfect anime for you.

Story: What's good about the story in Kampfer is, when it focuses on the story, it's good. The problem here is, it rarely focuses on the story. It strays away from the story faster than you can say "Attention Deficient Disorder" in order to present you with ecchi and goofy things. Granted sometimes these goofy things can be funny, but most of the time it's crap. Now, when it focuses on the story, it really does a good job. The fighting is really fun to watch and the story is interesting, but that doesn't mean it's flawless. It uses padding of ecchi and goofy things to prolong the plot and when we get the answers we need to understand the story, it's too late. We don't get all the answers we need either. The worst thing about the plot is, it has potential, but it doesn't use it all. It taps it a bit, but it didn't reach it's full potential.

Characters: The characters in Kampfer are OK as well. Akane and Mikoto are probably the best characters, even though they do try and whore themselves out. Akane is a rather shy character, but she also tries to get with Natsuru and overcome it. Granted, I have a weak side for shy characters, but she does pull off the character type good enough to the extent it's enjoyable. Mikoto is a rambunctious character, who also mixes in the "childhood friend element". She's wild, unpredictable, and just a really good character. It's too bad she only becomes a main character half way though the series. I can actually care about them, most of the time anyways. Natsuru is OK, but he's a giant dumb-ass. Seriously, he's as stupid as a rock that just had a lobotomy. There are three pretty good looking girls actually whoring themselves out for him, and who does he like? The fucking lesbian. Not only that, even though he has the ability to change into a girl, he still would prefer him to get the lesbian as a guy. It's like he doesn't even listen to the series he's in. He understands nothing. Shizuku is also OK but she's too controlling. Like really TOOOOOO controlling. She's a puppet master of a puppet master. She always has to prove to everyone that Natsuru is hers, even though she has several times before. If anything, it's annoying because it's confusing. The Point is, she's extremely controlling and she doesn't need to be. It's rather unnecessary and she does it anyway in an over-the-top fashion. Sakura is generic at first but then turns into a rip-off of Mesdusa from Soul Eater. Who is also a bad character. She rips-off an already bad character to become an even worse character. Her motives are unclear and her plans are not all the way thought out in order to become an especially noteworthy villain. She's a selfish brat when she's that annoying school idol type, and as a Medusa rip-off of a villain. The Entrails animals are kind of fun to watch, but are also annoying. Especially in the last episode. That episode is like poison to those character. But, most of the time, the characters make good comic relief. Plus an anime can't be all bad when you have a character named "Disemboweled Tiger". The characters are just all around OK. They need a little work but, it can be worse as well.

Art: You know in most reviews, when people complain about the art, they usually say "it needs more money" or "They didn't put enough effort in it" stuff like that. Well, in Kampfer, it's the opposite. They put too much effort into it and it looks bad because of it. It's saying "PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO US! WE WANT YOU TO PAY ATTENTION TO US!" and it just fails epically. First off, it's extremely bright. I could read a book in the dark next to a screening of this anime. It also feels the need to show off it's characters work any way it can, and it kind off focuses on the character designs too much and not anything else. Not that they're anything special, the amount of focus they put into was a waste because they don't stand out when compared with other designs. It's not all bad, but for the most part, it just sucks

Sound: The voices are pretty decent. I mean, they can be obnoxious at times, but it works for the most part. The OST is really good. I could feel it when I heard it. It has an amazing impact on the viewer and it just works.

Overall: As I said before, Kampfer has potential, but it gets drawn back because of it's goofy ecchi crap, obnoxious tendencies, and poor art. It can be entertaining at times, but it's not something that should be given a perfect score. Which seems like a shame really, because it had potential and doesn't seem to use it a whole lot.. Kampfer was just decent experience for me, and nothing more. 6.1/10

6.1/10 story
3.9/10 animation
8/10 sound
5.9/10 characters
6.1/10 overall
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