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Mar 23, 2011

With tons of anime out there already, finding new and creative ways to be enjoyable might be considered a hard task. Thankfully Baccano! successfully pulls this out of it's hat and gives us an action packed, awesome and hilarious series.

Story: Baccano! successful keeps us captivating with it's interesting plot-lines. Multiple stories going on at the same time, and each story being as awesome as it can be. It really does make you ask yourself "What's next on Baccano?". Although, there are two things that the story could improve on. One deals with a plot-hole that contains spoilers, so I can't explain that, and that part of the story has a good ending anyways, so, it doesn't matter. The second part is that there are 1-2 episodes that focus more on the characters and seem to slow the plot down. But other than that, it's pretty damn good. Oh, and if it confuses you the first time around, it'll make more sense once you see it again.

Characters: Almost all the characters are pretty cool. To go into why each character that is awesome would take all day. But I will say, all the likable characters are likable in their own unique fashion. These characters are well made. As for the ones that aren't as likable, well, I can go into that. 1st Czeslaw, while he's not a bad character, he does have plenty of room for improvement. 2nd, Szilard. Holy crap is he bad. He's just an asshole for no perfectly explained reason. He's interesting, but still crap. But despite those two, the rest of the cast makes up for it tenfold, so, no need to worry.

Art: The artwork is simply amazing. Everything fits and it's not odd, or out of place, it's just right. You can tell the artists took there time to make sure that it flows well. It's just awesome, like the rest of the series of course.

Sound: The OST is really cool. It fits the time it takes place in perfectly, and still does a good job at carrying what we're supposed to feel at the time. This is an anime that I would watch dubbed. Because it's solid. Like really solid.

Overall: Baccano! is a really awesome, and it's worth viewing at least once, if not more. I'm sure someone who watches this over and over again can still have fun as a person seeing it for the first time. Despite it's problems, it'll be a really cool ride aboard the Flying Pussyfoot. 9.5/10

8.9/10 story
9.7/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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