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  • My thoughts/first Impressions about What I'm watching this Season

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My thoughts/first Impressions about What I'm watching this Season

16 JUL

As the title says, these are my thoughts and first impressions on shows I'm watching this season. I will do them in how I watched them chronologically. By the way, I've only seen the first episode of all of these.

First up, Mawaru Penguindrum.

It's a fascinating story about two brothers living with their dying sister. After the doctor pronounces her dead, though some sort of miracle she is brought back to life. Then penguins arrive in the mail, and the sister who had come back to life is actually being possessed and the possessor wants the two brothers to find the mysterious Penguindrum, without telling them anything about it.

It's an interesting tale, but it does have its shortcomings. First, the philosophy. I'm not saying it's a bad philosophy, but a focus on philosophy has not only been done a lot, but pushing it may ruin the series. Second, out of the three main characters, I feel like Shouma is the only one I like. The other two aren't bad, but Shouma just kind of sticks out more. Last, but not least, they rip off one of the more painful parts of Gurren Laggan; Anti-Spiral Nia. Don't believe me, well, maybe that's because it's a little more of a personal problem of mine so it might be understandable. But, both animes do have a girl who is sweet, charming and innocent that gets transformed into a bitch that I would LOVE to punch in the face until they were dead against their will or knowledge. It still is a good show. The premise and story is quite good, and seems unpredictable at the moment. It has a good amount of surprises along the way and it's just a fun show. The art is pretty cool, not giving it five stars or anything, but it's nice. The OST however is really great. It's really off the wall, bouncy fun.
Overall: It seems I'm in for a pleasant surprise. It's not a masterpiece quite yet, but having a wait and see attitude is a good thing here. 8/10

Next, Yuru Yuri..

This is the story of four girls in their own "Amusement Club" at school. Figuring out what they're going to do is still a mystery at this point, but with these girls, you never know.

OK, so far this is turning out to be a HUGE guilty pleasure anime for me. I know I shouldn't enjoy it as much as I do, but I do. I just find it to be really hilarious. I feel like it's a weird combination of Haruhi and Lucky Star, even though I have yet to see the latter. Sure, it seems like another typical moe anime, but it changes itself up a little so it's still pretty enjoyable. This is due to the experience of the studio it's being made at, Dogakobo. Myself;Yourself was enjoyable, even though it does have some typical RomCom cliches. Like so, Yuru Yuri does have some typical moe show cliches, but it changes itself up so it's still something fun to watch.
Overall: While not quite original, it's still pretty hilarious for me. I'm not sure about anyone else, but if you keep an open mind this should be pretty good as well. 8/10

My third anime this season, Kamisama Dolls.

The story follows the life of Kyouhei Kuga, after his leave from the village he grew up in due to an incident. This incident remains in mystery, but because of it, he is scared of the village and someone from there. After trying to go out with one of his friends, Hibino, and failing, they discover a dead body on the elevator. After getting out of there, Kyouhei's sister, Utao, comes to tell him that Aki has escaped. Aki seems to be the cause of the incident that scared Kyouhei out of the village. After an attack on them by the escaped Aki, they now have to live with Hibino.

Now THIS is intense. It has mystery, powerful dolls, and a really fucking awesome bad guy. What's going to happen is shrouded in mystery, but you know it's going to be interesting. The fight scene was pretty bad ass as well, and the music, AWESOME! The opening was just cool. It's not perfect though. It hasn't ironed out the story as much as it should have yet, but this may be used as a plot device in future episodes. Also, the characters seem to be not as good when compared with Aki. Aki is just amazing.
Overall: This show shows promise, but it does have a few things to work on here and there. 9/10

Now, it's onto Ikoku Meiro no Croisée.

Yune, a Japanese girl, comes to live as an apprentice at a signboard shop in France at the end of the 19th Century with a person named Claude. Claude's grandfather, Oscar, tells Claude that Yune can't understand French, even though she can. Yune accidentally breaks a sign that Claude was working on. Even though Claude fixed up the sign, Yune feels sorry for breaking it in the first place and offers a kimono as an apology. After delivering the sign to the customer, they are interested in selling the kimono, and Claude agrees to it. However, when Oscar finds out that it's sold, he tells Claude that that's a keepsake of Yune's. Claude then confronts Yune about it and then goes to retrieve the kimono. Yune however explains how it would reflect badly for his business by telling Claude. He realized that she could speak perfect French and apologizes for how rude he's been and promises to buy it back honorably, no matter how much money it took.

This show is just pure genius. The character relationships are spectacular. You get the feeling of cultural difference between the characters without it being forced or downplayed. It has a really nice feel good quality to it, and the story is special in it's own little way. The art is breath-taking, and the music is nothing short of perfect. I honestly have nothing to complain about thus far in the series.
Overall: This is a true work of art. it is beautiful beyond comprehension. 10/10

Continuing on the list, Mayo Chiki.

Kinjirou is just an average teenager with a resistance to hard hits. One day, he discovers that the butler to a rich and popular girl is actually a girl. Due to circumstances this secrete can't be let out to anyone, otherwise, she can't be her butler anymore. So, under punishment of death, Kinjirou is forced to protect the secrete.

This anime is boring beyond belief, or B cubed if you will. It's just re-hash of other animes that did it better than them. It's a bland harem anime with "wacky" circumstances in it. That's not amusing at all. The best part in it was the fight scene. Nothing is original in this anime. At least Kampfer did a few good things with it's plot, and yes I am going there.
Overall: It's not bad, just really really dull. I'm pretty sure that if the anime was actually about mayo it would be better. 5/10

And last on the list, Usagi Drop.

Daikichi just found about his grandfather's death. After going to his funeral, it's revealed that his grandfather had gotten it on with a younger woman, and they had a kid. After the funeral service is over, the family debates as to where the kid should go. After hearing a few options, Daikichi takes it upon himself to raise her.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about this anime, because I am a fan of another anime similar to it called Aishiteruze Baby. Well, I was wrong, this is actually pretty good. It doesn't rip off Aishiteruze Baby, but there are similarities to it. The art style is rather unique and the music's pretty good. It has a more mature atmosphere to it as well. If I had to point out a major fault, it's that the family treats the kid like she's Satan or something.
Overall: It's a nice pleasant anime. While I do prefer Aishiteruze Baby, this is a great anime that's worth checking out. 8/10

So, those are my thoughts. Comment if you want to.


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