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Anime Mind Sets.

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When watching anime, one can have one out of 5 mind sets.


1. The Critical Mind.

The Critical minds are people like my good friend neo. They analize what is good and bad about each anime, and analize every detail in the anime. They focus when watching and then enjoy. There is nothing bad about having a critical mind though. The world needs critics.


2. The Open Mind.

The open Mind are people like me. We focus more on enjoying the anime first and then analizing it. Hence, we are less negative when reviewing the anime. that is not to say there can not be any anime we hate, or give all the anime we watch a 5 star rating. We are just more linient than those with a critical mind. There is also nothing wrong with this mindset.


3. The Pop-Fag Mind.

These people just say that everything that is popular is good. This mindset is not a good one to have. While, I agree, Blech is good, it is not "Teh best THING EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". There are plenty of anime out there that is better, such as Kino's Journey, Durarara, and Haruhi.


4. The Anti-Pop.

These people are the polar oposite of the Pop-Fags. They believe that if something is polpular, it has to be bad. This is also not a good mindset to have. Cowboy Beop is popular, because it's awesome, and, while Bleach isn't the best anime, it's alright, even though it is a bit silly.


5. The Mindless.

These are the people who watch any anime and giving it a 5 star rating. This is not an ideal mindset, but it's better than being a Pop-Fag or an Anti-Pop. I believe that there are some not so good anime out there, but these people don't. They are easier to teach than the 2 above about the ups and downs of anime. And with the right teachers, they can learn that not everything is good, but there are still plenty of good things out there.

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Xplayer avatar Xplayer
Oct 22, 2010

This is so true. Oddly, while I consider myself as one with a Critical Mind, I tend to follow similar patters of popularity. When judging people who like popular things though, one should bear in mind that the reason many anime became popular (and rises to the top of the ratings on most sites) is because they also ARE good critically. That's why when claiming to be critical, one must be a pretty damn good critic, setting up clear standards of evaluation and rationalizing every decision with rational justification.

There's one other category that I can think of, and that's those who are attached to a specific genre (Genre-fags?). For example, there are those who like moe-central anime simply because of moe elements, or mecha anime for the same reason. While they are often split into groups depending on their preference, their basic mindsets are the same; they like something because it panders to their tastes.

PhantomPhreek avatar PhantomPhreek
Oct 22, 2010

I shall take a combo of the first two..and if you take Naruto into the equation then I guess most of this world is Anti-Pop.

VGCKenny avatar VGCKenny
Oct 15, 2010

I was just using Bleach as an example. Really, it could be for any totally popular anime out there, even Naruto. And you just are open-minded. I look for good reasons to watch anime as well.

4EverDreamer avatar 4EverDreamer
Oct 14, 2010

Hmm, I'm a cross between critical and open minded. I want to love what I watch but I look for a good reason to love it. English literature in college is a curse and blessing. I need to good stories now. OMG, the anti-pops can get annoying. I know someone like that. She just hates everything unless it's something so unknown and obscure. That's fine, but then she has to criticize really good shows like Naruto for no real solid reason. Oh, and I totally agree with you on your views of Bleach. Good show, but yeah, it can be considered silly if you really think about it. Like how could you die to die and then live to die, an endless circle of dying to die again. That sucks. The concept of reincarnation makes sense, but Bleach logic is flawed a bit. You don't even get a break. And didn't Rukia say she was born in the Soul Society? How can you be born there? Aren't you sent there from dying? It really is confusing. Unless I'm just totally misunderstanding. But I still like it. Good characters.

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