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UltimateShock Jan 11, 2011

You need to post the messages on others profile, not your own.

Yes, I finished Bloody Monday 2 yesterday! It was good. But a bit unrealistic at some times. Will tell in detail later. had to vacate from your hostel? Me, I'm just fine. Exams coming up, headaches to follow. Cannot do anything freely now! I just had fun playing Cod with them on the ps3 and some physical gaming.

I like everything and yes, I have watched "Kung Fu Panda". It was really good.

Uzair Jan 7, 2011

K, i will send u vms here coz there arent any of my relatives on animeplanet. So its safe for me to just send u a vm. Now the same question as always...Have u finished or even started Blody monday 2??? Hope u r enjoying ur time. I got bak to home. Warden was thretning me that he would order the guards to throw my luggage outside. I tried to make him understand that i cant vacate within a day. Atleast need two more days, and i knew he had no ohter choice but to agree with me coz i had my own valid reasons. So now im at home by grace of Allah. Its really hard to vacate a place/residence uve been residing for so long. Had some fun memories like started watiching anime in there, etc etc. Thats all about my latest experiance that u r forced to read. Tell me urs too, how is it going??with ur ...delightful  cousins. Yea i stole the last line from Kungfu panda secret of furious fives:) Hav u watched it??or do u like CG animations??

UltimateShock Jan 1, 2011


That's the downside here, you can't pm here unless you use the forum. Plus I like talking this way, I don't want to go clicking more and more buttons. But if you don't like it then you can go back and pm me using PG if you want.

Allah hafiz.