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theshonen8899 Mar 4, 2011

I didn't misunderstand the story, the story lacked substence, and that is exactly that I said in my review. From the article you linked to me, it says the main character has discovered the truth about the past and how it relates to his work. This isn't a story, it is an epiphany. A really great epiphany, but one as with many works, an epiphany must be built up in order to make it's impact truly profound.

Pale Cacoon could have been something amazing if it was a movie, but instead it was just a short 30 min episode that could only reveal so much of the story. I don't blame them for this, this is one of their very first works, and as one of their early works, it is remarkable. It stands to show that when they do make something of a movie length, it is flat out amazing, which is what Eve no Jikan is.

Pale Cacoon was much too short for it to be truly something to be appreciated as a work of art, but Eve no Jikan was an unbelievable step foward in the right direction. I don't know if you have watched it yet but it is definitely one of the best I have recently seen.

UltimateShock Feb 25, 2011

Yes it was the only thing different from the anime I think. So yes, don't watch it!

I know that 5cm/s was slow but it was a really good movie, in a way I liked it more than "Beyond the Clouds, The Promise Made in Our Early Days". The love story is a bit better in 5cm/s, Beyond the Clouds is really amazing too. You should watch 5cm/s even if you watch it later on, but do watch it. In my opinion, anime movies should be downloaded in the best quality possible.

Gundam Universal Timeline

Start watching Gundam 00, I also watched Gundam 00 first. It isn't related to the other gundams anyhow. It is just like that every Gundam anime takes place in a parallel universe, though there are some differences. Me too, hopefully I'll watch Gundam Seed after finishing Gundam 00, it's second season and it's movie but in my vacations.

UltimateShock Feb 24, 2011

I'm just doing okay.

These days I was watching Megane na Kanojo which I finished today, average anime. And the other anime is Nodame Cantabile: Finale, very good anime.

Death note: Visualising God is just a recap aka summary OVA just like those OVAs for Code Geass.

Unknown Shinigami, this is the only thing that it is different from the anime, give it a read.

cassiesheepgirl Feb 21, 2011

I'm afraid I have no idea about Shana, I've yet to watch the anime or read the manga.

As for D.Gray-man there have been some interesting developments, so it's well worth checking it out if you get the chance. :)

cassiesheepgirl Feb 14, 2011


In regards to the story differences in D.gray-man between manga and anime most of the story is the same (bar the filler added into the anime) but the manga continues BEYOND the end of the series. It's still ongoing but has been on hiatus a lot. :)