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my top 11 anime list

i know 11 is a weird number, but i really wanted InuYasha on the top 10 list, but despite there being 154 more episodes of content from InuYasha, i still love Elfen Lied more at this point, lol...

Inuyasha was like a starter anime for me, and Love Hina was my first non-television anime i watched. i know i ranked Angel Beats! pretty low in this, this is only because the anime has wasted potential and plot holes to the point that i wasn't satisfied enough by the end. heh, 7 years ago, i would have made Love Hina my number one anime, but looking back on the series, it's not so great, and the lackluster ending forces you to dig into the manga to get your complete happy ending.

i haven't seen all of Paranoia Agent and Samurai Champloo, but when they were on television, i managed to catch both their first few and last few episodes, lol, and judging just from what i've seen, i love them a lot.

Darker Than Black was pretty cool, and though there are some things with subtle holes in the plot, everything is mostly explained well within the context of what is real and how the physics work, and it has a way of keeping you interested, even during filler moments.

Mushishi is perfect, it's not like any other anime i've seen, it feels calm, yet dire, in a world where these sublifeforms dwell, almost like spirits, and though science can't justify the context, it's like you don't care, it's a fantasy genre, these things exist and do remarkable things, and the normal people are like "how is this happening?! why is this happening?!" cause most can't see them, but special people can, especially Mushi Masters, who basically have a part of their humanity lost to the Mushi world, man, too much to explain, watch it, it is a nice anime, relaxing, interesting, supernatural.

Eureka seveN... 'nuff said... lol, okay, okay xD in short, i loved it for it's character driven story (i normally hate mecha anime), though the ending could have been better.

Clannad (and i mean to include After Story, but i felt that was a sequel, not an entirely different story), i've cried 7 times from the beginning of season one to the end of season two, well played Key/Visual Arts, well played... i had since then been playing the Visual Novel to get further in depth look of the story ;3 and i've been happy about it. my only complaints of Clannad is the time paradox stuff is not well explained and it leaves open ended discussion to people who haven't played the Visual Novel to question "how did this.. she's alive? what?.. what's what happened?" and i understand that KyoAni really tried their best to adapt this from the game, but they didn't quite take the air time to elaborate on everything precisely, and on top of that, they left Kappei's arc out of the anime, not even an OVA episode (which they did for Tomoyo and Kyou), and honestly, KyoAni could had improvised dude in, like, a lot of things in the anime happen so fluently, that they just don't happen like that in the game, like, to get to know Misae's arc in the game, you basically have to ditch every other girl and only focus on her, in the anime, they added Misae's arc somewhere during the second season (which when i played the game, i was like "shouldn't i be married to Nagisa right now?" lol). but yeah.


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