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about me

I'm an otaku.

If you ask me what my favorites are, there's honestly no answer because I enjoy so many! I have quite the avid collection of anime and manga, more so manga. It's like living in a mini library of sorts. xD

My name is Katelyn Rose, but I go by Kat. :]

I love to cosplay and have a passion for working with people to help them in any way I can with what ever is troubling them. So it's understandable for me to pursue a degree in psychology, but I also am in dental hygiene as well. 

I love art, drawing, sketching, painting, oil pastels, water colors, chalk, clay, stained glass, anything crafty.

I love music and play the flute, piano, ocarina, and am currently learning guitar and violin.

I also model. I stand for showing the world that everyone is truly beautiful in their own unique way no matter what disabilities they may have or what their gender, weight, skin color, eye color, or hair color may be. 

My furball Izzy, short for Wizard is my adorable fluffy maine coon companion that goes every where with me! :]

My facebook is 




though the second account listed often hits its limit.

Feel free to chat if you wish. :]

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Nov 28, 2012

Welcome to AP ^_^

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