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I like many people started watching anime with Pokemon(2003), today the only pokemon anime I still like is the pokemon chronicles.  Before 2010 I only watched a few other anime like princess montoke, ect.

In 2010 I went off to find an anime( not knowing what anime exactly was) that was about a group of people going on an adventure together, since thats one of the elements I liked about Pokemon. The anime I ended up with was Robotech, and after that Nadia, and later the galaxy railways. After about 1 year I found a box set of an anime called Nadesico, and after I watched it, it became my favorite anime, and its still in my top 5 anime today(May 2014). Lodoss is also one of my earlier series.

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Favorite video game: The last story, advance wars, Illusions of Gaia, and Realm of the mad god ( in 2013).

Favorite Tv series: Legend of the Seeker

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Im more active on myanimelist, and I dont plan on updating my bio any time soon, goodluck with your anime hunt.

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XTacticalKoalaX says...

Hey man if your into that stuff you should watch Cowboy Bebop im pretty sure your gonna love it.

Jul 23, 2013