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Name: Megan

Gender: Female

Age: 23 (soon)

Location: Hell and in College

Sexual Preference: Bi

Relationship Status: Engaged

Hobbies: Anime, gaming, musc, movies, writing, dancing, influences, clubs, hookah, parties, I am pretty chill and pretty much up for anything

About Me: There is not much to say, I am in my 20s into body mods (but not enough money for all of them)... Chill and just there....

Live Tag- TheCandySniper add me if you want ^_^

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lacedindarkness says...

Oh, those would probably have to be the Rockstar Mango Passion Fruit, and Guava flavors...funny, though. I haven't seen pomegranate around, but that sounds delicious. i'l keep an eye out for it. ^_^

Apr 5, 2008
lacedindarkness says...

I switch it up from Monsters to Full Throttle to Rockstar to Freeks to Jolt... haven't really tried No Fear before! Hah. What's your favorite flavor? 

Apr 1, 2008
lacedindarkness says...

I know, right?! I'm drinking a Monster right now.... I think I'm addicted... but they're just sooo good ^_^

Mar 29, 2008
sothis says...

Body mods are awesome! PS: great recs so far ^_^

Mar 26, 2008
Tachikoma says...

yeah its a gret friendly community, feel free and check it out!

i recommend joinging the forums and saying hi there,

also hello and welcome to ap! ^_^  

Mar 24, 2008