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Im game programmer/designer. Also im assistant professor at Polish-Japaneese Intitiute of Information Technology. And i teach game programming there (duh).

Our latest game is In Search for Lost Warsaw. Point & Click adventure game using orginal photos of old Warsaw. Polish language users only im affraid, due to licencing issues with city gov: www.poszukiwacze.waw.pl

Our other game is Cpt. Binary, grab it here - binarny.pjwstk.edu.pl/en and let me know what do you think. Its a tribute to Metal Slug.

I love good SF books (I dont like Fantasy since fantasy has no mechanics, everyone can write fantasy - yes i know it's not true but i love seeing fantasy maniacs boil) and decent action movies (or just any action movie with Arnie in it).

Computer games are my other hobby (now since its also my profession i can call it "overnight gameplay research" when i play whole night). I play TF2, Hearts of Iron, L4D (great game!) at the moment. Games that have warm spot in my heart are UFO: Earth defence (aka Enemy Unknown) and Fallout series (1 & 2, there are no other Fallout games). First game i ever played on computer was Gods. Second was Toki and thrid was Genghis Khan. Since then i prefer strategy games ;-). First game i ever bought for my own money was Civilization.

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Jamie Nov 14, 2008

Yes, I see you, I have those same binoculars. Could you move that curtain over a little and open the blinds a bit though? These binoculars are great but they aren't that good. I mean, it makes it rather difficult to keep track of your book additions. How else am I going to know what to read to know what you like so I can make it appear like we share the same interests?

gaara90 Nov 11, 2008

It works perfect for me:D

Leiru Nov 11, 2008

Ofc I alredy watched GTO ! Just... great anime :) it had some deeper sense, wasn't next typical story. Just watched Ef - a tale of memories and now I'm gonna watch "tale of melodies". Well it depends what kind of Sci-Fi, I liked To Love-Ru or Shuffle :)

Now I'm watching some Drama/romance... When I'll watch all eps of "melodies" I'm gonna watch True tears while waiting for next eps of "melodies" :)

Did you watched Hitman Reborn ?

Leiru Nov 11, 2008

Welcome :)

Yeh I considered it and I'll join asap, can't atm 'cuz I've some bussines to do. Arigato for inviting me. Well I'm gonna fill top 5 now :)

"Love Hina" it was my first romance anime. Honestly I watched only Naruto, Dragon Ball and Bleach before, but I'm so glad that I watched Love Hina, that kind of animes are just great :)

By the way... our nicks are same :P read mine from right to left.

FoxDemonKouta Nov 11, 2008

Hey thanx for the welcome

and yeah its difficult to watch 16 anime series at the same time.