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Im game programmer/designer. Also im assistant professor at Polish-Japaneese Intitiute of Information Technology. And i teach game programming there (duh).

Our latest game is In Search for Lost Warsaw. Point & Click adventure game using orginal photos of old Warsaw. Polish language users only im affraid, due to licencing issues with city gov: www.poszukiwacze.waw.pl

Our other game is Cpt. Binary, grab it here - binarny.pjwstk.edu.pl/en and let me know what do you think. Its a tribute to Metal Slug.

I love good SF books (I dont like Fantasy since fantasy has no mechanics, everyone can write fantasy - yes i know it's not true but i love seeing fantasy maniacs boil) and decent action movies (or just any action movie with Arnie in it).

Computer games are my other hobby (now since its also my profession i can call it "overnight gameplay research" when i play whole night). I play TF2, Hearts of Iron, L4D (great game!) at the moment. Games that have warm spot in my heart are UFO: Earth defence (aka Enemy Unknown) and Fallout series (1 & 2, there are no other Fallout games). First game i ever played on computer was Gods. Second was Toki and thrid was Genghis Khan. Since then i prefer strategy games ;-). First game i ever bought for my own money was Civilization.

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VivisQueen Nov 24, 2010

Hahaha! Oh man, I am glad someone has finally come to see the light. Star Trekk was always great. Just that people like to convince themselves (without having seen it) that it's no good. My favourites in order: 1) The Next Generation, 2) Deep Space Nine (best OP ever!) 3) Voyager. To be honest, I actually think you'd enjoy Deep Space Nine a lot more than Next Generation. More of an overaching plot about intergalactic warfare. Quite epic in places.

PS. Welcome to the Star Trekk fold. Oh, and I should pay more attention to your rants but I worry I'll be converted to your fascist way of thinking. It's a fear I live with every day.

VivisQueen Nov 23, 2010

Dude, you are so quiet these days...

Habhome Nov 15, 2010

*stares at you with cat-like eyes from behind a bush*

VivisQueen Oct 19, 2009

1) Prohibition? I was overdosing on mulled wine on Saturday night, I'll have you know!

2) Hahahahahahaha! If I were that baby, I'd never forgive you. Dude. But clearly Polish alcohol is where it's at.

R18 Oct 5, 2009

sleeping lightly  Uriel hear s sweet high voice a child's voice ...barely audible... Uriel .. Uriel ...she calls...awakening  with a start  Uriel see in his door way  a small child with long dark hair and deep violet  Uriel.... Uriel ....come to me ...come i have to tell you something... Uriel at the insentient demand  Uriel approaches cautiously....the waif in her tattered smock beacons  Uriel .....please i must tell you some thing .., as he approaches close she smiles and says.....he's behind you......