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Im game programmer/designer. Also im assistant professor at Polish-Japaneese Intitiute of Information Technology. And i teach game programming there (duh).

Our latest game is In Search for Lost Warsaw. Point & Click adventure game using orginal photos of old Warsaw. Polish language users only im affraid, due to licencing issues with city gov: www.poszukiwacze.waw.pl

Our other game is Cpt. Binary, grab it here - binarny.pjwstk.edu.pl/en and let me know what do you think. Its a tribute to Metal Slug.

I love good SF books (I dont like Fantasy since fantasy has no mechanics, everyone can write fantasy - yes i know it's not true but i love seeing fantasy maniacs boil) and decent action movies (or just any action movie with Arnie in it).

Computer games are my other hobby (now since its also my profession i can call it "overnight gameplay research" when i play whole night). I play TF2, Hearts of Iron, L4D (great game!) at the moment. Games that have warm spot in my heart are UFO: Earth defence (aka Enemy Unknown) and Fallout series (1 & 2, there are no other Fallout games). First game i ever played on computer was Gods. Second was Toki and thrid was Genghis Khan. Since then i prefer strategy games ;-). First game i ever bought for my own money was Civilization.

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blue666 Nov 6, 2008

kk, i'll check it out once i'm done with this author of action books clive cussler. hes got like more then 10 and seeing how i'm a very slower reader it'll be a while. just finished Amaerican Gods today, i acculy had to put it on hold for a week to read a book for the college The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. god it was dreadfully boring, i fell asleep reading it on the subway and missed my stop. getting clives oler books, like the pacific vortext is nearly impossible, had to order it at the book store so i'll probably end up reading gateway sooner then i said before. and my friend who hates books but loves movies introduced me to this movie thats coming out on the 21st "Twilight" it's set on a book, and the book also has 3 sequals. it's about vampires not sci-fi. anyhow i havent been able to do anything these past 2 weeks cuz of dumb mid-terms. i was 4 points away from failing the math midterm, i got to study i need a C or better cuz i have to take Calculus and college rules are if you got a bad grade in the Pre-Calculus you can't take Calculus... i talk to too much. byePS Gaiman needs to get a fracking lexicon and define "proofreading" i get it if i find 1 or 2 mistakes in a published work but Gaiman tkes the cake, i lost count.

Michiaki Nov 3, 2008

Great top 5. Welcome to the NHK is an all time favorite of mine. I'm a big game lover myself, but i'm into free-roaming stuff like Oblivion and GTA (xbox 360). I'm bored to death with linear gameplay.

pingwing Oct 30, 2008

Maybe "Japaneese Intitiute" should be "Japanese Institute"?

Spectrum Oct 28, 2008

Assistant professor at Polish-Japaneese Intitute of Information Technology sounds quiet formal... that's why :P

Anyway you're right that you don't have to be that old to have this kind of job :]

Spectrum Oct 28, 2008

Of course, my bad :P

and thx for answer I thought you would be older deducted from your profile :]