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  • Captain Binary - Kick some cold blooded alien asses!

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Captain Binary - Kick some cold blooded alien asses!

20 AUG

Soon we will publish our first iPhone title! What follows is commercial blabber:

Captain Binary: kick some cold blooded alien asses in this new action platformer for iPhone. Running aliens, flying aliens, hovering aliens and even giant bomb pooping mecha-fly aliens - we have them all.

To fight that horde you get even more weapons: pistol, shotguns, machine guns laser and whatnot. And if everything fails you can just crush them with bare fists.

Game already have stunning graphics and funny alien designs that will supply long lasting fun, but that's by no means all of it - we are already working on two more updates containing totally different maps, enemies and weapons so we won't hang you out to dry.


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VivisQueen avatar VivisQueen
Oct 19, 2009

Say something funny to make me lol, Uriel. I'm staring blankly at 1000 words of gibberish which somehow has to become a review, all my msn conversations are winding down, and I've got not alcohol to make it better. Over to you, Pole.

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