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I'm just normal guy :)

http://steamcommunity.com/id/Uraniumer/ my steam, I will be happy if you will add me :3

I'm Idiot!
I'm from Czech.
I have nick Uranium 7-8 years.
I played CS:S often on gamemaster.cz servers as Admin. (Zombie, Jail, Surf)
I playing Lineage 2 i think 7+ years. (I had server L2Hardness.eu with friends)
I made clan "|NewEra|" 7+ years ago
I'm 19 years old (1/20 date)
I'm Friendly, Honest, Faithful, sad.
I used nicknames [Uranium, Uraniumer, Uran, Smok, Apuri]
Relationship nope
I like anime and manga
I like Rock, JP Opening, Czech Rock
I prefer play with friends. I dont worry about your "Skill" :D
I like Black/Red color
I'm realy shy!
I'm DANDERE (Acts anti-social and doesn't talk to anyone until the right person comes along)
I Looking for friend to play some games.
I NEVER want insult friends!
If you want play somnething just tell me :) (if I will have time I will go play with you)
I'm unskilled NOOB! :D
I'm just lewd... you know (only in my mind I think) T_T
Please dont judge me! When you dont know me!
I mostly play CS:GO, League of Legends (EUNE), GMod, DotA, and much other games!
My favorite AMW HERE
My Stream (Broadcast) HERE
My favorite (Czech) music HERE

My Computer

Kingston SDDNow V300 (120GB)
Intel Core i5-4570
GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-D3H - Intel Z87
Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 - (2TB)
Kingston HyperX Beast (16GB) DDR3 2400 XMP
Fractal Desing Tesla R2 (800W)
CoolerMaster V8 GTS
Zalman Z12 PLUS (Black)

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KeiNiwa Mar 7, 2014

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you enjoy your time here! ^_^